Kimbal Musk teams up with Omaze to raffle his custom Tesla Model 3


Kimbal Musk is putting his custom (the 6th Model 3 off the line) Tesla Model 3 on the chopping block and you could be the lucky winner. If you’re not familiar with Kimbal Musk you may be familiar with his brother, Elon Musk. While Elon probably gets more media attention, Kimbal also gets his share of the media spotlight. Kimbal is well known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and restauranteur. He co-founded Big Green, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has built hundreds of outdoor classrooms called “Learning Gardens” in schoolyards.

Now Musk is working with Omaze to raise money for his non-profit Big Green by raffling his custom Tesla Model 3. First, read a little about which non-profit will help.

Big Green

Kimbal Musk

Big Green builds a healthier future for kids by connecting them to real food through a nationwide network of Learning Gardens and food literacy programs. Your donation will help Big Green establish a culture in schools that promotes youth wellness and reduces preventable diet-related health disparities. Funds raised can provide seeds, plants and supplies for a school’s garden; give students access to brand new Learning Gardens; and help teachers prepare fresh produce in a classroom. The more children who have the opportunity to learn, play and grow in healthy communities, the more we can build lifelong healthy habits for kids.

The prize: one Custom Tesla Model 3

Kimball Musk

Close your eyes and imagine driving a car so smooth, you forget you’re even driving. And even if you do forget, it’s okay because that car is a Tesla Model 3 and able to drive itself. Now open your eyes and soak up the awesomeness of that car actually being yours! This isn’t just any Model 3 either—you’ll drive home in Kimbal Musk’s personal, sixth-ever-made, fully loaded Model 3. We’re talking everything from voice-activated controls and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity to a premium audio system and LED fog lamps. Plus, the Long Range battery, which will keep you going for over 300 miles. This Tesla hasn’t been to space, but it’s still out of this world. With the taxes covered too, it’s time to buckle up and hit the road.

This giveaway will cost you though. As this is for charity, entries will be based on how much money you donate to Big Green. So hit the link below to check it out!

What do you think of this raffle from Kimbal Musk and Omaze? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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