Lode Runner Legacy speeds onto Nintendo Switch


If you’re older like me, you probably spent countless hours playing the classic Lode Runner. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you can relive those past glory days of gaming with an updated Lode Runner Legacy from Tozai Games.

With an updated look, you play as Runner and solve puzzles as you try to regain the stolen gold from the Evil Empire’s labyrinth. Playing solo or teaming up with another in offline co-op mode, each level features a unique puzzle that challenges your puzzle-solving skills. Working together in co-op mode gives you access to rewards that are unattainable in single player mode and you can even keep track of your online rankings as a pair to get the highest score in the world.

Craft Mode is also included in the game and lets you create your own levels with characters and items to be shared online.

“The original Lode Runner was the first game to feature a level editor, to which our new Craft Mode pays homage,” says Scott Tsumura, co-founder of Tozai Games. “When Lode Runner came out on the Famicom system in 1984, it also was the first third-party game to sell over a million units. Lode Runner Legacy really is about our appreciation of how important Lode Runner is in the history of gaming–literally, its legacy.”

With over 300 levels to play, the game also includes 150 levels from the original game and features both Adventure Mode, complete with enemies, or the more relaxing Puzzle Mode which provides an enemy-free experience.

Lode Runner Legacy is available for download on the Nintendo Switch for $11.99USD/€11.99. A free demo is also available so you can try before you buy.

Are you excited for this blast-from-the-past puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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