The unreleased gold iPhone X actually looks really great

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For whatever reasons, a lot of people love gold smartphones. So when Apple did not release a gold iPhone X this year, some people were disappointed. But fret not, you can at least see what a gold iPhone X would have looked like. Thanks to photos submitted to the FCC by Apple, we have our first glimpse at a gold iPhone X and it actually looks great.

I’m not a huge fan of gold or rose gold devices as I’ve always been a staunch user of black or grey devices. I’m not even a huge fan of the silver iPhone X but this gold version certainly caught my attention — especially the stainless steel bumper that is also colored gold. Now, there are some out there who claim that Apple may be releasing the gold iPhone X this year but those are just rumors with no evidence as these photos were submitted to the FCC last year.

We’re sure that Apple didn’t want these photos being leaked out, even after the iPhone X’s release. It’s unclear whether or not Apple will ever bring gold into the iPhone X lineup again but we can’t rule it out. It’s also unclear why they didn’t release this version alongside the silver and space gray last year.

Perhaps there were some issues with the gold color adhering to the stainless steel bumper? I can’t imagine the back panel would be an issue as the color itself is under a pane of glass. At this point, we can only speculate as to why this was never released. I’m sure there will be those of you out there hoping it will be released. For now, enjoy the photos of what could have been.

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