How to get the best quality sound out of your headphones or earbuds

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When you’re in a public space or simply just want to blast your favorite song, the polite thing to do is to use headphones. Some music aficionados are highly specific about the earbud and headphone manufacturers they’ll use because they only want to listen to music at the best possible sound quality. While good quality earbuds are one part of the equation, getting the right fit is another factor you have to consider. First off, you need earbud covers that mold to your ear and will sit inside comfortably if you intend on using earbuds for an extended period of time. Your headphones or earbuds also have to have the right fit. Here is a guide that will help you when testing out various kinds of headphones.

What do you need them for?

While headphones are primarily used for listening to music and fun, some people require headphones as a part of their profession. For example, transcriptionists can wear earbuds or headphones for eight hours or more a day. As such, comfort and sound quality are highly important. Studio engineers and music artists might need headphones that emit great sound quality and also include noise canceling properties. So, before you select a pair of headphones know what you need them for first.

Price Vs. Quality

If you are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars, you can almost certainly get a good quality set of earbuds or headphones. At the same time, you can’t expect to get a superior product just because you’ve spent a bunch of money. If at all possible, go to a store where you can try on different headphones and see how they feel on your ears. You can also adjust the volume and physically hear what music sounds like when they’re plugged in. Also, remember to compare different headphones brands and look up consumer reviews.

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After getting a pair of headphones that work well for your needs, you can make them better by customizing them.

Customizing your headphones or earbuds

After getting a pair of headphones that work well for your needs, you can make them better by customizing them. Sometimes earbud covers can help to reduce inner-ear pressure while additional padding can make some pairs of headphones a lot more comfortable. Headphones that go over the ears tend to be adjustable, so remember to make all possible changes to the product as you can before getting any other accessories. Headphones and earbuds might also sound different on devices such as PCs vs. smartphones, so see if there are other settings that you can adjust as well. Getting an enhanced sound card on your computer can help with sound quality as can changing the volume settings on the screen.

Anyone who uses headphones for more than an hour or two each week really needs to take their time when selecting a product. You want to experience the best sound quality while also keeping your hearing intact, so go with options that keep your ears feeling comfortable. A good quality pair of earbuds can last a very long time so know what your preferences are before getting a new set of headphones.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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