[Infographic] Need some motivation? Check out these 17 TED talks


Whether you are an entrepreneur or a working professional, chances are that you will struggle with feeling motivated at one time or another. Factors like stressful job changes, working with a challenging boss, or just the regular, mundane stress of life can leave you feeling drained and uninspired. If you experience burnout at work, there are a variety of tactics that you can use to snap yourself out of it. Taking a quick break, working on a different task, or spending time with family and friends can help you realign and come back to work feeling more focused.

One of the best approaches you can take when you are having trouble focusing is to read or watch inspirational content. There is a variety of interesting information online that can help you feel inspired when you need a push. TED talks are undoubtedly one of the best sources of inspirational content that will get you out of a rut. TED, the popular media company that provides videos on a variety of technology, education, and design topics, is a great source of inspiring information on a variety of different interesting topics. Whether you want to learn more about what motivates us, or just get tips for living your best life, it’s likely that the perfect TED talk will give you the motivation you need to get down to business.

Fundera rounded up the 17 best TED talks on motivation and compiled them into a helpful list. This infographic is a great starting point if you are looking for content that will excite you and help you think in new ways. From a talk from Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder) on her year saying yes to Dan Pink’s talk on the puzzle of motivation, there is tons of great content to choose from. The next time you are feeling stuck in a rut at work, have no fear! Instead, check out this infographic on motivational TED talks (links for the listed talks are below the infographic). You’ll be feeling inspired and motivated to do your best work before you know it!

TED talks

What do you think of this infographic? Will you be checking out some of these TED talks? Links are available below. Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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