adidas is putting Light Stabilizing Technology into sunglasses


A proprietary technology developed by adidas Sport eyewear, LST (Light Stabilizing Technology) is said to improve color perception and high-contrast vision. adidas says this will be beneficial to those who are constantly in and out of shaded areas. The company is marketing the sunglasses to those who perform sports but just about anyone could benefit here.

The company says LST lens technology works like a color equalizer, enhancing the perception of pure primary colors. This results in an improved color perception and high contrast vision. adidas claims LST lenses are perfect for sports that takes you in and out of shaded areas, as well as driving and other activity where light changes rapidly.

“Sports like skiing, mountain biking and running all have fast-changing light conditions,” said Ron Muehlboeck, adidas Sport eyewear Global Brand Director. “If you ride your bike through a trail, there’s always sun coming through the trees, then you’re in the shadows, then it repeats again and again. Fast-changing light puts stress on your eyes and makes it difficult to see. adidas Sport eyewear worked on a special lens tint – LST – to harmonize that and avoid eye stress. With LST, you don’t need to constantly adjust your eyewear, which takes a lot of energy and concentration.”

adidias lists the key benefits of this technology as follows:

  • Less eye stress and better vision for your sport
  • Constant, high contrast vision
  • Improved natural color perception
  • Enhancement of details and contours
  • Equal light harmonization
  • Reducing light to a comfortable level

The LST lenses will be available on the following adidas sunglasses listed below:

  • Tempest
  • Pacyr
  • Baboa
  • Protean
  • Wayfinder
  • Beyonder
  • Excalate
  • Splite Goggle
  • Backland Goggle

What do you think of adidas LST tech? Are these something you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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