RIP: Canon EOS-1V ending an era of Canon film cameras


The Canon EOS-1V is a capable film camera that many have enjoyed using over the years. The Canon EOS-1V is also Canon’s last remaining film camera in their arsenal. Canon EOS-1V sales are now being laid to rest and with that brings the end of an era. The company began in 1937 making camera bodies and sourcing lenses from Nikkor, now Nikon. Canon has been selling film cameras for 80 years and they’ve earned their prestige through quality products.

While there are still some photographers using film, it is becoming a niche market as digital is taking over. The mass consumer market has moved on to smartphones as their primary cameras and professionals are using digital DSLR or mirrorless. There are still some consumers buying point-and-shoot cameras and even low-end DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras but the smartphone is (consumer) king now.

The EOS-1V, a professional 35mm SLR, was launched in 2000, and its design paved the way for the modern generations of Canon EOS DSLRs. The ‘V’ in the name (which also stands for “Vision”) referenced the fact that the camera was Canon’s 5th generation of professional SLRs.

Production of the EOS-1V had actually ended in 2010, Sankei reports, but Canon had continued to ship and sell the camera from its inventory.

Although Canon is ending sales of the 1V, it’s extending repairs for the camera through October 31st, 2025 — after October 31st, 2020, however, repairs may be refused if the necessary parts have been exhausted from inventory.

I remember watching my brother develop film back in the 80s. The process is intriguing, delicate, and time-consuming. The digital age has improved much in terms of quality, processing and especially speed. But there’s always going to be an appreciation for the old ways of film, at least I hope there will be.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2018.

Canon EOS-1V

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