Project Milestone will be the first occupied 3D-printed home development


3D-printing has come a long way and continues to excel in its technology. So much so that the Netherlands is preparing to make an entire neighboorhood constructed from 3D-printed homes. Dubbed Project Milestone, the developers say it was given the name because this development will actually contain human occupants of these homes. The project is starting off small by only printing five homes. These homes will be multi-level sustainable homes made of concrete.

“3D-printing of concrete is a potential game-changer in the building industry,” according to the developers. “All kinds, qualities, and colors of concrete, all in a single product. Another important advantage is sustainability, as much less concrete is needed and hence much less cement, which reduces the CO2 emissions originating from cement production.”

The development is hoping to be as environmentally friendly as possible, even omitting a natural gas connection to the homes. The team working on the project includes The Eindhoven University of Technology. The team plans on building the first home as a single dwelling, it will be approximately 311 square feet and contain three rooms. After the initial home is built the plan is for four more homes to be multi-family units.

The team hopes to gradually transfer more and more of the actual 3D printing process to the build site as the project progresses, with plans for the last home to be created completely on-site.

The homes are expected to be rented out to tenants in 2019 and will be subject to all the ordinary building regulations applicable to other dwellings.

It’s an interesting project for sure and it will be exciting to see the final product as well as public reaction.

What do you think of Project Milestone and 3D-printed homes in general? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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