Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #3 review: A Spawn and a Witchblade go into the woods

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Medieval Spawn and Witchblade is heating up. The first two issues were more solo introductions for Medieval Spawn and how he came to be and how this version of Witchblade took on the Witchblade gauntlet. Both were good issues but the two characters had not yet met. In this issue, we finally get that meeting as both are pulled toward a castle that lies beyond a haunted woods.

The story is by Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin with art by Brian Haberlin. The art is literally popping off the page with some gorgeous textures too (Colors by Geirrod VanDyke). This is a case of, come for the story and the meeting up of these two great characters in comics and stay for those beautiful panels that at times can mesmerize you.

Medieval-Spawn-and-Witchblade-3-coverThe first half of this issue is Medieval Spawn’s journey while the second half follows Witchblade and the coming together of both parties and the obligatory quarrel. Both sides of the story are interesting in their own right and keep you flipping pages to find out what happens next. The tried and true dynamic of two sides, both on the same side, coming together and then fighting, before facing the ultimate evil appears to be in play here. I’ll admit, that dynamic is becoming a tad bit cliché at this point. It’s pretty much expected that the heroes must fight first and I really wish that writers would do something else when these meetings take place. Having said that, this is a four issue series so any fight between the “good guys” is going to have to be short in order to deal with the real evil located in the castle.

Wrap Up

This is a good mini-series so far and if you are a fan of either Spawn or Witchblade then this is for you. I’d say just go ahead and pick up issue one and two if you are picking up this issue, just so you have the whole story up until now.


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