Uber driver busted streaming video of his passengers on Twitch


There are some really creepy people out there including one Uber/Lyft driver from St. Louis. Jason Gargac was actually live streaming his passengers on the video sharing service Twitch. Gargac would advertise his streaming times no Twitter and Twitch users would tune in. Those same Twitch users would then watch Gargac and his passengers and comment on the video. As you probably guessed, many of the comments were not very nice.

The St. Louis Dispatch says passengers can be seen vomiting, gossiping, kissing, and having general small talk all without knowing they were being live-streamed. According to the BBC, recording, and live-streaming, someone isn’t illegal, so long as both parties know it is happening and consent.

However, there are additional rules about broadcasting footage where a person might have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”.

Many viewers of Mr Gargac’s videos left derogatory comments on the videos, rating passengers for their attractiveness.

“The blonde is a seven, the brunette a five,” one wrote. “She doesn’t sit like a lady,” another added.

Some of the videos also revealed passengers’ names and addresses.

Passengers did not always know they were being recorded. Courtesy BBC

Both Uber and Lyft have suspended Gargac and Uber made this short statement.

“The driver’s access to the app has been removed while we evaluate his partnership with Uber.”

The BBC reported that Gargac says he offered privacy options to his passengers like switching off the street facing camera when pulling up to their homes. He also says he did block some conversations and visuals from the live stream were blocked.

While it’s perfectly acceptable for Uber and Lyft drivers to record for their own safety. Maybe this was taking it a bit too far, especially not getting consent from the passengers themselves.

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