How did email newsletters become popular again?


Despite the criticism that’s said out about today’s news consumption, most of the skeptics don’t realize that there is a revolution happening in the news media. And it’s not happening on social media platform or in new blogs.

In reality, the best pieces of news media are being sent to millions of email inboxes in every morning. Email newsletters have evolved from simple HTML text advertisements to dynamic messages filled with high-quality content.

So How Did Email Newsletters Regain Popularity?

When you first thought of email newsletters, you’ve probably thought about spam offers that are delivered to your inbox. Fortunately, email marketers have learned from their mistakes and made changes to suit the reader better.

One of the biggest innovations in newsletters isn’t just the content, but how the content is delivered; and that’s via smartphones. With over 80% of the US population and almost 50% of the world owning a smartphone, it seems that people are attached to their email inboxes more than ever.

Newsletter editors know that today’s audience doesn’t have the attention span or free time as they had 10 years ago. But people still have that desire to receive information on topics that interest them.

Today’s best selling newsletters capture their readers is by including content that matters, is informative, and keeps their readers engaged. Beforehand, newsletters were seen as marketing tools used to bring readers onto a website. Now, the best newsletters use them to provide digestible and quick information to keep the readers involved.

Benefits of Email Newsletters

Increases Website Traffic

If you want organic traffic on your website, it’s not enough to hope that your customers will come to your page organically. The email newsletter plays an active role in sales and traffic. Due to the innovations of email newsletters, it does a great job at keeping your readers engaged with your content.

User Friendliness

Today’s email newsletters are tailored towards the user’s preferences. Thanks to innovations in email systems, the spam is identified and is kept away from the user’s eyes. The effect of this had over time is reduced inbox clutter and increased newsletter signups.

Another feature that helps users is the ability to unsubscribe to unwanted emails. Email newsletters give users the option to unsubscribe by clicking a link. However, previous marketing emails kept it hidden from the user. The results of these developments have made email newsletters have a more user-friendly and honest ecosystem.

Improved Designs

Another big change is that today’s newsletter templates for email are better designed. The changing screen sizes of phones and the multitude of other distractions have forced newsletters to become more organized and focused.

Some of the best newsletters appear like glossy magazines and less of something that comes from a company’s marketing department. In most cases, users like opening newsletters when they arrive because they are more enjoyable.


Newsletter templates for email are essential to keeping a good audience and reinforcing your brand. Conclusively, as new developments are made, we can expect to see email newsletters become even more prevalent in our society.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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