Another one bites the dust: Google shutters Project Loon Google+ page

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Project Loon followers are invited to head over to Medium, LinkedIn, and YouTube for further updates on the status of Google’s internet balloon project.

Following the lead of Google France last week, Google’s Project Loon is also abandoning ship and shuttering their Google+ page. Once again, a Google  brand is directing its Google+ followers to other sites. This time,

The Project Loon Google+ post bidding adieu!

As with the Google France Google+ page, the Project Loon page hasn’t seen an update in 45 weeks before this one, so it’s not like they were updating or utilizing their social media platform anyways. However, infrequent posting and shuttering some of their Google brand property pages on Google+ doesn’t look good for the social media service. As we mentioned last week, it’s definitely looking ominous for Google+ if Google doesn’t even have faith in using it for their own regional and other brand pages.

We’ve reached out to Google and will, of course, update this post should we hear any more about the company’s future plans for their social media network.

What do you think about yet another Google branded Google+ page biting the dust? Is the writing on the wall? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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