Ninja-K #11 review: This is a MUST READ series

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Ninja-K #11 begins with the fallout from Harbinger Wars 2. The American government wants Livewire and they know that Colin and Amanda are a thing, so of course, they’ll use whatever means necessary to turn Ninjak against Livewire and coerce him into bringing her in.

Those means take the form of information given to MI6 on where The Dying One is with The Eternal Warriors body. However, for that info, Ninjak has to take the mission of going after Livewire. How’s that for breaking up the Unity team? Gilad (The Eternal Warrior) is a friend to both Ninjak and Livewire. He’s powerful and his body is being used by The Dying One. What other option is left to Ninjak than make the deal?


There is clean up being done here too. Clean up from the fallout of Harbinger Wars 2 criticism I believe. Ninjak brings up the loss of innocent life that came from that event and how Amanda’s view is too limited to “either/or” dynamics. To some, this may feel like a softening of Ninjak’s character but I think it’s much more complex than that.

I feel like writer Christos Gage is actually showing a depth and maturation of the character that I gladly welcome. Ninjak isn’t just about being an assassin and taking out everyone standing in his way. He recognizes that there are people only doing their jobs who have no affinity for the plot or scheme being hatched, be it in the US government or some secret group with a shady agenda.

The art by Roberto De La Torre and colors by José Villarrubia are beautiful and perfect for this title. I like the use of black and shadows here with the white negative space, and then you have the colors like the purple on Ninjak’s suit popping through. There are so many excellent panels here that stand out. The lettering by Dave Lanphear keeps the story and dialogue moving and easy to follow. All in all, this is a must have pick up on New Comic Book Day (NCBD) come this Wednesday.

Wrap up

Without a doubt, Ninja-K is the top book in the Valiant line-up right now and it is hitting on all cylinders. From the story, to art, to the equilibrium of all of the elements, this truly is a MUST READ series.

Last Updated on September 12, 2018.


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