iOS 12.1 said to improve selfie quality for this year’s iPhones


It seems that when a new flagship phone drops, it’s not without its software quirks. In regards to the iPhone Xs this year, there’s been heat regarding the front facing camera on the Xs and its over-smoothing of skin — a thing iOS 12.1 will fix.

Dubbed beauty-gate, Apple has insisted that it doesn’t use beautification filters to enhance photos. Even so, users have been reporting that skin looks overly smooth. While not acknowledging beauty-gate, Apple has apparently acknowledged a bug in the software regarding the front-facing cameras. The company told The Verge that it’ll fix the bug in iOS 12.1.

The bug, as it’s being called, sits with the front-facing HDR+ camera. When the shot is being taken, the camera chooses the wrong frame. Basically, the front camera chose a frame with a longer shutter speed instead of a shorter one that captured more detail. As the camera doesn’t pack OIS or optic image stabilization, it’ll take more blurry photos at the same speed as the rear OIS-packing camera.

With the bug update, the front-facing camera will pick the frame with a shorter shutter speed. This will result in more detail being shown and less of photos looking overly smooth.

There is no word as to when the latest update and iOS 12.1 will be released but it’s currently in public beta. Given the release of the iPhone XR next week, a safe bet is that we’ll see it then. Along with this bug fix, Group FaceTime is back in the mix. Apple has also added 70 new emojis. You’ll also see the ability to change the iPhone camera’s f-stop on the fly.

Have you noticed that your selfies are looking overly smooth? Is it bothersome or something you don’t really care about? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

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