Amazon data breach hits company just days before the Black Friday rush

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Amazon data breach is something none of us wants to hear. Mostly because many of us use Amazon services. For Amazon, hearing Amazon data breach right before the Black Friday rush is a major blow to their image. While we don’t want to hear it, it has happened, an Amazon data breach that is. The data breach has been confirmed by Amazon and involves users email addresses and names.

Amazon has been informing customers via email about the data breach and blame the breach on a “technical error.”

The retail giant confirmed it had “informed customers” who may have been affected by the disclosure, which happened due to a technical error on Amazon’s website and not due to a security leak.

Writing to customers, Amazon had said: “We’re contacting you to let you know that our website inadvertently disclosed your name and email address due to a technical error.

“The issue has been fixed. This is not a result of anything you have done, and there is no need for you to change your password or take any other action.”

Amazon has been questioned about the breach but hasn’t given any details on the event. So we’ve no idea how many users were affected by this Amazon data breach. We do know that customers around the world have reported receiving the email from Amazon but those emails also offer very little details.

As we were working on this story an update has come across courtesy of Slashgear:

Amazon has been in touch to reiterate that the company’s website and servers were not breached, and that it is notifying customers out of caution more than anything else. There’s still no official word on how many customers were affected, what caused the email and name disclosure, what steps Amazon took to address it, whether or not the exposed data was accessed by anybody who should not have had access to it, and for how long it was exposed. We’ll update if we find out more.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon shoppers change their shopping plans because of this news or if Black Friday just goes on like nothing happened.

What do you think of this Amazon data breach? Did you get an email from Amazon about your account? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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