Faith Dreamside #3 review: A fun quest through the Deadside

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Faith and Doctor Mirage are in the Deadside looking for Animalia, although, the Deadside is looking more like Oz and happier than ever before. Of course there are many facets to the Deadside and while Doctor Mirage has been there before, she doesn’t know everything about this place where spirits roam.

Writer Jody Houser is still weaving a great pop culture-infused point of view from Faith, which anyone in geekdom can relate to. I also like how Houser writes Doctor Mirage. She’s not in as dark a place as she has been in her own mini-series and frankly, it works.

Faith Dreamside

Between her last sojourn through a team-up in Ninja-K where she was all action, to here, where she is more of a guide, but with a lighter personality, Doctor Mirage is a multifaceted character that I’d love for someone to explore more of. Her and Faith anyone make a pretty good team too.

The art by MJ Kim, with colors by Jordie Bellaire, and letters by Dave Sharpe really make up the perfect canvas for a Faith story. This is how I want to see a Faith book done panel by panel. Colors that pop while being very smooth, forms are all anatomically sound, and it’s just a delight to view it all while reading this fun and interesting story.

Wrap Up

I’ve been critical of Valiant of late but Faith Dreamside is worth the price to get in on this 4 issues ride.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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