BedJet V2 review: Every couple needs this device

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We review a ton of devices here at Techaeris, but it’s always nice to get something out of our normal review fare. The BedJet V2 is certainly a little out of our normal smartphone, laptop, router, headphone type of review. The company reached out to us several times asking if we’d like to take a look at the BedJet V2. We finally decided to take it for a spin knowing that there are plenty of techie and geeky people who may be considering this device for purchase. So, read on for our full review of the BedJet V2!


The BedJet V2 has the following features and specifications:

  • Silky quiet digital DC motor
  • Dual or single zone cooling and heating
  • Aromatherpy capable
  • Optional stand for beds with low clearance

What’s In The Box

  • BedJet V2 with appropriate attachments
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Aromatherapy kit
  • Instructions and documentation
  • Android/iOS app included


There is no way around this, the BedJet V2 is bulky. This may be off-putting to some, but you have to understand that this is basically a fan with a heating element. The company says the BedJet will fit under 95% of standard bed frames, and you’ll need at least 7″ clearance to slip the BedJet underneath. Just be sure the bed itself or any boards are not resting on top of the BedJet.

If you don’t have clearance under the bed, you can still lay the unit on the floor at the foot of your bed or buy the optional stand for an extra cost.

BedJet V2
A typical BedJet V2 set up.

The company sent the optional stand to us since our bed frame sits at 6″ and would not accommodate the unit. It’s certainly big, but I felt the performance and convenience it provides is worth the bulk and size of it.

Aside from how big it is, there’s nothing much to talk about. It has a power button, LED indicators and the attachments that assist in its operation. I do think it may be worth getting the stand as opposed to laying it flat on the ground. The stand at least saves a bit of space.

A real quick look at the remote reveals the company attempting to make it look like a mini BedJet. It’s sort of cute and simple and not hard to use at all. There are more functions within the app though, so I’d highly recommend using it over the remote. But it’s nice to have a backup in case your smartphone doesn’t make it to bed with you.

Overall, the design is bulky yes. I do think some people may not like that, as I know I didn’t at first. But after some use, I started to look past its size and appreciated the convenience it offered.


Basic setup is simple. Just bust out the BedJet V2, attach the hose, adjust the side holder to fit your bed, plug in, and use the included remote. That’s it. If you want to use the included Android/iOS app then you’re looking at a bit more setup. That being said, I highly suggest the app over the remote as you can do a few more things with the app. Overall, the setup is super easy and shouldn’t take you more than 20-minutes.

BedJet V2
This is how we setup our BedJet V2 with optional stand.


Alright, so how does this thing work? Well, in a word, fantastic! As my headline says, the BedJet V2 is a gadget that every couple needs to have. But, of course, that doesn’t stop at couples. Anyone can use this thing, and it is going to make for an amazing experience. The size and bulk of the device melts away the first time you fire it up and feel the warmth it floats all around you.

BedJet sent along their dual zone sheet which basically keeps the device to working only on one side or the other. You could buy two devices and warm one side and cool the other. Or you can use their single zone sheet which cools or warms the entire bed with one sheet. The sheets are an extra cost, but you don’t have to use them. You can use the BedJet with your own sheets, but I do recommend getting one of their sheets. I tried it both ways and prefer using it with their sheet.

I’m a fan of having the bed warmer than my wife. She tends to take covers off, and I tend to pile more on. So testing the dual sheet out was perfect for us. The BedJet V2 doesn’t take long at all to start working. I found that turning it on 5 minutes before heading to bed worked perfectly. By the time I got in bed it was nice and toasty. I also feel like I have been sleeping better since using the BedJet. I feel more rested and I don’t feel like I am waking up every few hours.

BedJet V2
The physical remote.

I set my temperature to 97 degrees with a timer of 1.5 hours. The warmth lasts for a long while so long as you don’t flip the covers off you. My first thoughts at seeing this product was to think it was silly. In some ways it is sort of silly looking, but once you use it and experience it, you really don’t know what it’s like.

The company also claims the BedJet is effective in helping those with night sweats. This is something neither my wife nor I suffer from, so I can’t speak to it. But I can see why they would make this claim. Let us know if you own one of these and have used it to fight night sweats.

The BedJet V2 also includes an “aromatherapy kit,” which is basically a plastic bag filled with foam strips and a clip. You can clip the foam strip to the opening of the hose. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it, and you will get that wafting of scent all through your blankets. Oh, and yes, it works for passing gas as well. Be careful, that could cause some fights!

One last question you might ask yourself is, why would I buy this over an electric blanket? Personally, I’m not a fan of electric blankets because they scare me. The thought of something shorting out while I am sleeping and catching fire is enough to put me off of them. BedJet has a webpage setup to explain why their product is a better choice. Be sure to check it out!

Overall, I felt the BedJet V2 lived up to its performance claims.

BedJet V2
The BedJet nozzle sits flush on the mattress to push air under the sheets.


Alright, so the BedJet V2 does come with an app you can use to control the device. It connects via Bluetooth and sort of has the same layout of buttons as the physical remote. The biggest difference here is that it’s easier to set your preferences here than with the remote. You also get 3 memory settings so you can have your favorites set and ready to go. Simply power up the BedJet V2 and search for it in your Bluetooth settings. You can name the BedJet as well making it easy to see it in your Bluetooth list.

BedJet app
The app is the way to go even with its small quirks.

You can set the timer, alarm, heat, and turn the BedJet on and off from here. The app also shows you the air flow percentage and the air temperature. The app also serves as your method of updating the firmware on your BedJet. I did notice that half of the time I opened the app, I had to reconnect to the BedJet manually. For whatever reason the app attempts a connection then says it cannot connect. It’s a bit annoying to have to deal with that, but it only takes an extra minute or less to get reconnected.

Overall, the app is the way to go for operation of the BedJet V2. I prefer this method over the remote control even with its Bluetooth quirks.


The MSRP of the BedJet V2 is $499USD, but the company is holding a pretty significant sale which knocks that price down to $299USD. The original MSRP is pretty pricey, there’s no doubt. But the current sale of $299USD really does make this more palatable. I had my doubts about the value of this device, but having used it for a month now I can honestly say that I absolutely love it and so does my wife. I think the value is going to vary from person to person. But I highly recommend the BedJet V2, especially for couples who have different temperature needs.

Wrap Up

Christmas is coming and BedJet is holding a sale that knocks $200USD off the price of this device. That means you can get one for $299USD right now.  I think everyone needs to check out the BedJet V2. It really does offer up a great experience that you need to experience for yourself.

*We received a sample of the BedJet V2 for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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