The Creepy Line is a must watch for anyone using the internet today

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The Creepy Line is a documentary now available to watch on Amazon and iTunes that delivers a stark view of information technology companies like Google and Facebook. Before I continue let me say this: you’re likely going to see coverage by other websites about this documentary in which they dismiss the film as conspiracy or praise it to be the truth. We’re doing neither here.

All we are saying is that if you use the internet today — which you obviously are — it certainly wouldn’t hurt to watch The Creepy Line. I believe you are smart enough and strong enough to come up with your own conclusions after watching the film. We often get caught up in our own echo chambers and dismiss all other ideas and accounts in favor of feeding our own conclusions. You may not agree with everything presented in The Creepy Line but there are some ideas here I think should be taken to heart.

While the filmmakers and critics alike are going to spin the entire film into a political eddy, there are some realizations the film touches on. The biggest realization is that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, or any other company that offers some sort of internet service is collecting and harvesting your data. For years that information has been used to sell advertisements to you that are focused on your preferences. I think most of us can accept that as a part of doing business. But now that these companies have become as large as they are. The question becomes, what else are they doing with your data and do they have a personal profile of all their users?

The Creepy Line
Project Dragonfly is Google’s search engine being built for Chinese users under the Chinese government’s rules.

The Creepy Line is a really a must watch, no matter what side of the political fence you sit on. There are some solid nuggets of reality in the film as well as some conspiratorial nonsense. Undoubtedly, director M.A. Taylor edited the film in such a way as to present his narrative the best way he could. That’s to be expected. It’s your job to watch and peel those bits away and try and find something that makes sense in there.

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I’m well aware that Google is tracking the things I do and logging them. There are ways to mitigate how much Google knows and tracks about you. You could use a search engine like DuckDuckGo which doesn’t use tracking and Google has no control over. You could use Google’s My Activity tool to turn tracking off and control what Google knows and collects about you. You can switch to a different browser like Firefox or Opera. You could use a VPN when browsing and not log in to any websites at all.

The reality of the internet is if you want to use it to do business, shopping, banking, social media, or anything that requires a login or form that asks for data, you are going to be tracked. The only true way to never be tracked is to go off the grid. I’m comfortable enough at the moment to continue to use these services that track me because I don’t think anything nefarious is going on. There may be a few employed by these companies trying to push an agenda but everyone is. The key is, don’t lose the power of thinking for yourself and don’t get stuck in that echo chamber. Consider all the possibilities and draw your own conclusions.

Watch The Creepy Line on Amazon or iTunes. The film was directed by M.A. Taylor and stars Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dr. Robert Epstein, Peter Schweizer, Luther Lowe, Barry Schwartz, Marlene Jaeckel, Phil Kerpin, Brad Shear, and Daniel Stevens.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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