Marshall introduces Marshall Voice with the Google Assistant built-in


Marshall is well known for their amazing guitar and bass amps and is a staple name in the Rock and Roll world. Recently, they’ve been making moves into the consumer Bluetooth speaker market and are now diving deeper with Marshall Voice. We have reviewed a few Marshall offerings — most recently the Marshall Stanmore II, which now comes in the Marshall Voice variant.

The Marshall Voice lineup includes the Marshall Stanmore II Voice and the Marshall Acton II Voice. Both of these speakers are basically the same as their non-voice counterparts but integrate Google Assistant.

Here are Marshall’s bullet points on these speakers:

  • Acton II Voice with the Google Assistant built-in is the smaller speaker in the line-up, but it produces a sound that’s mightier than its size suggests. It’s the perfect smart speaker for a bedroom or kitchen. Use it to play music, schedule reminders, control your smart home and more.
  • Stanmore II Voice with the Google Assistant built-in is the larger of the two speakers in the series. Let its legendary sound fill your entire home. Inside Stanmore II Voice are two 15 Watt class D amplifiers that power its tweeters and a 50 Watt class D amplifier that drives its subwoofer for a rich, powerful sound. Combine both speakers together for the ultimate multi-room listening experience.
  • There are a multitude of ways that the Google Assistant can make your life easier – you can control devices around the home, plan your day, manage tasks and even get answers to general questions. The possibilities are endless.
  • With these speakers you can play and control your music hands-free. Use your voice to play music or listen to a podcast while you’re busy doing other things. You can control the volume, use basic playback commands with your voice, or ask your Google Assistant to play a playlist across compatible devices in other rooms.
Marshall Voice
The Stanmore II Voice and Acton II Voice

The new Marshall Voice lineup will be available on Marshall’s website and priced at $299USD for the Acton II Voice and $399USD for the Stanmore II Voice.

What do you think of these new speakers from Marshall? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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