Alexa is Coming to Your Home Security System

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Alexa is already part of many home gadgets, thanks to the “Alexa Anywhere” initiative. And, people will likely notice the voice-enabled technology in an increasing number of home security systems soon.

It’s all because of a mid-December 2018 update from Amazon that allowed developers to use the Security Panel Controller API and build the equipment, so it responds to Alexa voice commands.

Amazon reports that several security system manufacturers have already made their security systems respond to Alexa-based cues, but this update should bring the technology to even more brands.

A significant part of Amazon’s strategy with Alexa is for the voice-recognition technology to be in homes around the world, even if those households don’t own Alexa smart speakers.

Perhaps, if they get used to interacting with Alexa in other ways, they’ll want to invest in the speakers, too.

What Commands Will the Security System Recognize?

According to an update from Amazon about the new API, people can say “Alexa, arm” or “Alexa, disarm. Or, more specifically, they can say “Alexa, arm [device name] in [mode].

But, if the person doesn’t specify the desired mode, the default setting is the device’s “home” or “stay” mode. More details about what the system will respond to indicate that users can also check the status of their security systems by using voice cues.

If they say “Alexa, is [device name] armed?” it’s possible to check the security system’s status. That could be ideal if a person is in a part of the house not near the security system control panel and wants to verify that the system is working without walking closer to it.

The nice thing about the API is that it doesn’t restrict particular security systems from using the Alexa technology. In other words, if a developer decides to use the API for a new security system, they can, regardless of brand.

The content from the brand also specifies that people can make adjustments to how their systems respond to voice commands by going to the settings pane associated with their home security devices.

They can also use the Alexa app and select the home security system from the list of Alexa-enabled devices found there. Moreover, people will need to activate the functionality, and it will not be turned on by default.

Alexa is Coming to Your Home Security System
By offering this API, Amazon is capitalizing on the understandable popularity of the home security market.

Why Is This a Smart Move for Amazon?

An early part of this post already alluded to how Amazon is working hard to get its technology into all the homes that are willing to use it, even if those households don’t own the company’s smart speakers.

Specifically, making its voice assistant work with home security devices is strategic because of how so many people want to protect their homes as easily as possible.

Statistics show that it’s not necessary to arm every part of the home to fight back against burglary attempts, either. An estimated 34 percent of burglaries happen when the criminals get in through the front door. So, if a household were on a modest budget and could not afford a system for every possible entry point in their abode, arming at least the front door is an excellent first step.

People also appreciate using smart home technology that allows them to see their homes remotely, such as while they’re on vacation. Since many of today’s systems allow that option, people often conclude that the peace of mind they get from being able to monitor their homes from anywhere is well worth the money spent.

By offering this API, Amazon is capitalizing on the understandable popularity of the home security market. People consider that if they want to make their homes “smarter” with the latest technologies, they may as well choose solutions that safeguard their possessions.

Convenience Helps Drive Amazon’s Business

Amazon also realizes that the convenience factor is a huge part of what makes the brand succeed. The company’s Prime program and its expedited shipping options are examples of that in action.

No matter what they want to buy, people realize Amazon probably has what they need and can get it to them more quickly than many competitors. So, in addition to all the products they offer for sale, Amazon sells convenience to customers.

Even if people do not buy security equipment from Amazon, they can benefit from what the brand offers by purchasing a security system that includes the Alexa technology.

Similarly, if developers want to give their products a competitive edge in the marketplace, they could emphasize Amazon’s convenience within the respective brands.

What Kind of an Impact Could This Have?

It’s too early to know for sure how many security system brands will take advantage of Amazon’s technology, or how soon it will become apparent to consumers that they have.

But, Amazon’s decision only highlights how the brand is intent on doing whatever it can to help people get to know Alexa and start using it as a preferred voice assistant.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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