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Infographic: A look at wearables, productivity, and health

The newest wearables can tell us our heartbeats and our VO max numbers.

How much do you know about how fit you are? Fortunately, the options for this have changed dramatically in the last few years, and that’s thanks to wearables. Now, for a not-too-expensive price, we can all figure out much more than just how many steps we’ve taken. The newest wearables can tell us our heartbeats and our VO max numbers. They can also give us our emails and let us know when our phones are ringing. Wearables, then, are much more than just a record of our steps.

And actually, companies have figured that out. They know that healthier employees don’t just mean fewer sick days. Healthier employees mean more productive, creative individuals. Once companies figured that out, they decided that wellness programs and wearables were a worthwhile investment.

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Of course, not everyone wears the same wearable, and that’s something that companies can acknowledge. If they make a program restrictive to just one type of a wearable, they might not include some people who would otherwise take part in health challenges and goal setting. But they would also do well to realize that the majority of all people realize that wearables do, in fact, make them more active—and so integrating a wearable into a health program can be a good way to jumpstart a group’s health.

Sleep can also be a good thing to be monitored by a wearable, and better- rested employees are better performing employees, too. Calories are also something that people use their wearables to gauge and to track, and that can help them with better dietary choices.

So, companies can put those wearable insights to use in various ways. They can create a challenge and hopefully get more people involved, too. What else can they do? The insights in this infographic from can help guide you.


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