Why you shouldn’t buy the new slightly bent iPad Pro

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Apple has confirmed to The Verge that you might get a slightly bent iPad Pro, and that’s perfectly normal. Yes, a slightly bent iPad Pro is normal and you shouldn’t worry about it. But should you really accept that from a product that is rather costly? Shouldn’t you be expecting a far better build quality and durability factor from a company that sells the image? Well, I think so. And I also think you shouldn’t buy this new, slightly bent, iPad Pro.

According to Apple, the bend is caused by a cooling process involving the iPad Pro’s metal and plastic components during manufacturing. Both of the new iPad Pro models can have this problem. Apple says the bend does not impact performance and does not consider it a defect in the product. Seriously?

Apple’s magic marketing and penchant habit of blowing off issues like this have made their virtuous image nearly untarnishable. But at some point that magic and flippant attitude is going to break. This is a billion dollar company that used to care about the quality of craftsmanship that went into their devices. Now it seems their goal is to continue to add profits to their coffers because they can easily brush off any bad press.

I’ve been an Apple customer for years. I’ve purchased the iPhone since the 3G as well as MacBooks and iPads. I still use Android and PC devices, so I am not completely vested into Apple’s ecosystem, which makes it easier for me to walk away. I still enjoy Apple products to a certain degree. But it’s time for the company to own its mistakes and stop sweeping them under the rug.

bent iPad Pro
Slightly bent iPad Pro: Photo from The Verge

I think if you invest $799USD up to $1,899USD in an iPad Pro you should be getting a device that is built the right way. When Apple announced the iPad Pro they certainly didn’t say…and now, the all new, slightly bent iPad Pro! Heck no, they lavished praise on it for it’s slim design. For the quality construction and for using 100% recycled aluminum.

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Maybe it’s time to hold Apple’s feet to the fire. Maybe you shouldn’t buy the new, slightly bent iPad Pro. Maybe Apple needs to reevaluate their priorities and invest some more of those billions into quality control.

Of course, this is all my opinion, and you may feel differently. But let me ask you. If you bought a BMW with slightly bent rims, would you be okay with that?

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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