[CES 2019] Eve Systems adds two new products to its HomeKit-enabled smart home accessory line

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While larger companies tend to steal the spotlight at CES, there are plenty of smaller companies represented at the annual tech conference as well. One of them, Eve Systems, has announced the Eve Energy Strip and the Eve Light Strip, both HomeKit-enabled, ahead of CES Unveiled 2019.

Eve Energy Strip

The Eve Energy Strip.
The Eve Energy Strip.

The Eve Energy Strip offers up triple electrical outlets with HomeKit technology. This allows for users to set up autonomous schedules, power consumption monitoring, and advanced safety features.

“Available since the advent of HomeKit and one of the best-selling smart switches on the market, Eve Energy has been a beloved product in countless connected homes. Eve Energy Strip combines all of its single-outlet-sibling’s award-winning features with powerful surge protection and a breathtaking design.”

Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems

The strip is housed in an aluminum frame and protects against power surges, overvoltage, and overcurrent. Users can control devices connected to the three outlets using Eve, the Home app, or Siri and even set up HomeKit scenes for automated powering on and off of devices.


  • Total current Rating: 15A @ 120V (1800W)
  • Over Voltage Protection: Yes @ 126V
  • Over current Protection: Yes @ 15.2A
  • Thermal circuit breaker: Yes @ 15A
  • Transient voltage surge suppression: Yes
  • Max. Surge Current: 340V/10.000A (8/20μs)
  • Child protection: Yes
  • Wireless Connection: 2.4 Ghz (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 2.6 x 10.8 in
  • Cable: 75 in

The Eve Energy Strip will be available online from the Eve Store or Apple starting in March for US$119.

Eve Light Strip

The Eve Light Strip.
The Eve Light Strip.

The Eve Light Strip, on the other hand, is the brightest HomeKit-enabled LED strip to date with up to 1,800 lumens. The triple-diode architecture allows for full-spectrum white and millions of colours, making it perfect for both general and accent lighting.

“A big effect at a small price is what customers expect from an LED strip, but too often they end up with results that look dim, lackluster, or cheap, Thanks to industry leading specs and Eve’s superior HomeKit integration, Eve Light Strip is the perfect choice for any kind of application.”

Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems

The Eve Light Strip is connected via Wi-Fi to an iPhone, HomePod, or Apple TV. Coupled with the Eve app, a quick tap or Siri command is all that’s needed to set the perfect mood.


  • Full-spectrum white and color thanks to premium triple-diode architecture
  • 1800 lumens for ultra-bright, whole-room ambience
  • Tell Siri to switch on/off, dim, and brighten using your voice
  • Activate preset colors and easily create your own favorites
  • Cut or extend: 6.6 ft –extend up to 32.8 ft using 6.6 ft extension strips
  • Flexible and self-adhesive: peel and stick in and around corners
  • HomeKit-enabled: unparalleled ease of use and advanced security
  • Easy setup: direct connection, no bridge or gateway required

Eve Light Strip will be available online from the Eve Store and Apple for US$79.95, starting February 2019. The 6.6 ft extension strips will be available online for $49.95.

An automatic trash can is also a necessary smart home accessory that can make your life cleaner in an easy way. What do you think about the Eve Energy Strip and Eve Strip Light? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe and stay tuned for even more CES 2019 coverage.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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