Michigan drivers will now have the option of a digital license plate


The digital license plate has already hit the streets of Sacramento and now Michigan drivers will have the opportunity to use them as well. The digital license plate is made by Reviver Auto and it is an LTE connected, backlit HD display that allows for plate customization and personalized messages.

The Michigan legislature has passed a bill that will now allow Reviver Auto’s technology to be used in the state. Reviver Auto will be working with the Secretary of State to begin rolling the program out to interested users.

“We look forward to continuing our great working relationship with the state of Michigan, to not only contribute to a more connected community and bring significant benefits to its citizens and businesses, but to also help fuel the innovation fire right here in the core of the global automotive industry.”

Reviver Auto Co-founder and CEO Neville Boston

Reviver Auto says the digital license plate can automate the process for renewing tags which would eliminate the need to go to the DMV. Many states already offer tag renewal online which is also handy and easy to do.

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But as we reported last year, the new plates also raise privacy concerns as these new plates come equipped with GPS. Some privacy advocates say the state could potentially track you at will. Others point to the advantages of the GPS to locate a stolen vehicle or a missing person.

Others have said the new plates would make sense for businesses who own fleets and want to manage and track their vehicles. There is a multitude of arguments from both sides that make sense and the debate will continue as this new technology is rolled out. I’d expect more states will begin adopting the digital license plate soon. Reviver Auto has a webpage it updates where the product will be available, although it’s not currently updated.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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