Spam and robocalling features will be free for Verizon customers starting in March

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Verizon customers have had access to the company’s spam and robocalling features for some time now but at a cost of an extra US$3 a month. Now, Verizon customers will enjoy those features free of charge starting in March. The company has decided that all of its customers, whose phones support the feature, will be able to take advantage of these tools.

Verizon says the spam and robocalling features have caught nearly a billion malicious robocalls in the past year. Joe Russo, senior vice president of network operations for Verizon had this to say:

Whether you’re one of our wireline or wireless customers, Verizon has been on your side taking a stand against robo and spam callers. Now we’re about to take it one step further by offering our third party rated number one spam and robocalling protection features to our customers for free.

The company acknowledges that these call blocking features are only a first step in battling illegal robocallers. The company says they are taking other measures to continue to battle spoofers and robocallers.

Typically robocallers hide their identities by using fake or “spoofed” numbers. Verizon cannot always identify the illegal robocaller because the spoofed robocalls typically start with Internet-based providers (often based outside the United States), and then pass through several other companies’ networks before reaching us. We have no way to tell who made the calls unless each of those “upstream” carriers agrees to provide information about where the calls are coming from – and often those attempts to trace back suspicious traffic dead-ends when one of those upstream companies in the call path refuses to cooperate.

The company details all of the steps they are taking to continue to battle the problem in a blog post linked below. For now, Verizon customers whose phone supports the spam and robocalling features will be able to take advantage of the service in March. Be sure to hit the link below for more on how Verizon is working to make things better for their users.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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