Rob Liefeld is back at Marvel with a new limited series, Major X


Rob Liefeld is a name that most hardcore comic fans will recognize. Rob Liefeld worked on books such as The New Mutants and Cable. It was in the ’90s when creators like Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, and Rob Liefeld broke away from the Marvel’s and DC’s to form Image Comics. Liefeld’s creations at Image included Youngblood, Bloodstrike, Glory, and Prophet. Oh, did I mention he’s also the co-creator of Deadpool, Cable, and Domino?

Liefeld eventually left Image Comics and jumped into some new ventures. Now, he’s back with Marvel Comics and has brought a new character and limited series with him, Major X.

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“This has been a very long time coming,” says Liefeld. “I did two-and-a-half years on New Mutants and X-Force, and we had a great time, but like anybody, you have stories that you didn’t get to tell… This is a pretty big one. Major X is a pretty giant undertaking.”

“My whole thing was always to throw a pretty big wrench in the works—’the works’ being the X-Men Universe,” he teases. “Major X arrives from a different plane of existence—which is called the X-Istence, a safe-haven for mutants—and suddenly it’s threatened and terrorized. And his home is taken from him.

“He makes the jump, in a last-ditch effort to try and save his home, and arrives in our Marvel X-Men continuity. But the first jump didn’t quite land him where he needed to go, so it was pretty exciting to put him in 1991, somewhere between New Mutants #98 and X-Force #1,” he says. “I’m literally writing the Cable and the Deadpool and the Shatterstar of my youth.”

So why now? Why is 2019 the year to finally unleash a character that he’s had in mind for so long? “I think everyone’s seen in the last few months that the spotlight has returned to the X-Men family of books,” he explains. “I can tell as a fan of Marvel Comics that the X-Men have a renewed vigor. It feels like a renaissance of ideas and energy in the X-Men office.

“And I’m putting it all out there with this one.”

Rob Liefeld

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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