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We get a fair amount of review pitches coming through our email servers on a daily basis. While most of them are technology related, some aren’t at all or at least just loosely technology related. I can safely say that the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress falls into the “not technology related” category.

Most of the time we skip the pitches that have nothing to do with technology. But, on occasion, one or two catch our eye and we respond. The BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress was one of those pitches. While the mattress doesn’t have any inherently techie things about it, we know even techies need to sleep, and a mattress review might help someone out. And, honestly, it sort of breaks up our normal review cycle allowing us to take a break from other reviews that can sometimes cause some burnout.

That all being said, it’s important to understand that this review, like any review, is simply my opinion and experience with the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress. Like any other product, mattresses are going to be a subjective thing. Even more so than most other things considering you sleep on it. Without any further delay, let’s get on with the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress review.

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The BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress has the following features and specifications:

  • 2.5 inches Pure Memory Foam Layer
  • 7 inches Air-Circulation Foam Layer
  • 2 inches High-density Support Foam Layer
  • Lavender infused
  • 10-year warranty

What’s In The Box

  • BedStory Lavender mattress
  • Setup instructions


How much can you really say about the design of a mattress? BedStory has done a good job of at least making the mattress visually appealing. Of course, most of us will cover this with fitted sheets, sheets and blankets, so you’ll never really see it.

The stitching and attention to detail is impressive with the BedStory logo at the foot of the mattress. I like the two-tone color scheme of blue and white along with the gold accent trim. It’s really a nice presentation of a mattress.

BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress
Nice looking mattress even though it will be covered most of the time.

Be aware that this is all foam, no springs here, so it is floppy and it is heavy. BedStory sent their California King version to us, and it is one hefty beast. More on the weight in the setup section to follow.

The mattress is also infused with lavender which should please many essential oil users out there. I can attest to the power of lavender, it really does help me sleep. Of course, this isn’t going to be the case for all. The scent is very subtle and isn’t overpowering. It is actually unnoticeable once you put sheets and blankets on the mattress, but that may be from our own use of lavender and essential oils in our home.

Overall, BedStory did a nice job in the design and look of the mattress. They really didn’t need to go that far considering you’ll never really be looking at the bare mattress anyway.

BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress
The mattress is a solid mass of foam and once you have it out of the box and plastic, it’s unruly.


Setup is simple, but I would be sure to have two people on this job, especially for the California King. The mattress is a solid mass of foam, and once you have it out of the box and plastic, it is unruly.

We first unboxed the mattress and pulled it from the box. We left the plastic wrap around it and carried it to the bedroom. It’s easiest if you just place the rolled up mattress on the box spring or bed frame you intend it to be on. Once you have it in place you can start to cut the first layer of plastic that holds it into a roll shape.

Once you’re through with that you can unroll the mattress while it is still shrink wrapped. It’s easier to place the mattress where you want it while it’s in this state. When you have it in place you can CAREFULLY cut the compression wrapping and the mattress will slowly begin to expand. BedStory says it will take about 48 to 72-hours for the mattress to fully expand, and that did seem to be just the case.

This doesn’t mean you can’t sleep on it straight away. But you won’t get the best comfort out of it until it is fully expanded.

Overall, setup is simple but a helper is highly suggested. Also, planning of where you want to place the mattress before opening the plastic is essential.

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Okay, so this isn’t the first foam mattress I’ve used or reviewed. But holy cow! It is the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on. We switched to memory foam mattresses a few years back, and I enjoy them much more than spring mattresses. I thought I had a very comfortable mattress before, but the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress really impressed me and my wife.

If you’ve never used a memory foam mattress, it’s like being cradled in a pocket of goodness. Our old memory foam mattress did a decent job of conforming to your body, but the BedStory topped it in spades. The bed is not hot at all thanks to BedStory’s circulation foam layer. Not everyone is going to like the feeling of being cradled by their bed but I really love it. The one downside is waking up in the morning and having to get up out of your sleep nook.

BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress
BedStory also sent their Luxury Pillows with the mattress.

BedStory also sent along their Luxury Pillows which you can get on Amazon for US$32.99 for a two-pack. I wasn’t expecting this inclusion but I am glad they sent those along. These are easily the best pillows I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot of pillows. Even my wife, who really likes down feather pillows, was impressed with these pillows. If you’re planning on picking up one of these mattresses, I suggest picking up the pillows to go with it.

Overall, this is a super comfortable mattress. Of course, this is subjective as everyone has different ideas of comfort. But we think this mattress should make plenty of people happy. 728x90 Free Shipping


The BedStory mattress lineup starts at US$189.99 and goes up to US$309.99 on Amazon. Just over US$300 for a California King is an amazing value. The Luxury Pillows ring in at US$32.99 for a two-pack, and that is also an amazing price for what you get.

Overall, I think BedStory is offering up tremendous value with their product lineup.

Wrap Up

I honestly didn’t think I’d have this much to say about a mattress and pillows. But the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress really impressed both myself and my wife. While I slept decently on our old mattress, this mattress is extremely comfortable, and I’ve been sleeping really well since we’ve had it…save a few times I had stress-related insomnia, but that’s another story. I highly recommend you checking out the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress. It’s well worth your time and gives back plenty of value for money.

*We received a sample of the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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