Hulu drops the price on its ad-supported plan to US$5.99

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If you’re a subscriber to Hulu’s ad-supported tier of service then you might be happy to find out the price is dropping to US$5.99. The ad-supported service used to be US$7.99 but the company will start charging new subscribers the new price and, it seems, adjusting current subscribers bills starting February 26th. If you’re worried about the price drop increasing the number of commercials you’ll see, don’t be. The commercials will remain at their current volume.

The ad-supported tier is the only tier that will see a price drop. The no-commercials plan will remain US$11.99 and the Hulu & Spotify package will stay at US$12.99. While ad-supported users are going to be happy with this price drop, users of Hulu’s Live TV service aren’t going to be as jovial.

The Hulu Live TV service is going to see a US$5 monthly increase. That takes the Live TV service from US$39.99 to US$44.99. Hulu is attempting to mitigate the price hike by offering a new selection of channels for users. Hulu knows that Live TV users might feel a bit slighted by this price hike so they are offering some breaks elsewhere.

The email Hulu users will get.

The company is offering lower fees for optional add-ons like enhanced DVR and multiscreen packages which will see a US$5 drop in price. The DVR Hulu offers gives users 200 hours worth of storage and allows skipping commercials.

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It’s a mixed bag of give and take from Hulu today. On one hand, ad-supported plan users are going to love this new pricing. On the other, Live TV users may not be so happy about the increase.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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