Top Information Technology careers to consider in 2019

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Choosing a career path that is secure and stable is now easier than ever with the expansion of the Information Technology sector. With more jobs becoming available remotely and requiring computer skills, selecting a top Information Technology career greatly depends on your personal preferences and the type of Information Technology work you are most interested in. Before pursuing a new Information Technology (IT) career, consider the top positions to consider pursuing in 2019 and why.

Information Technology Cybersecurity

Working in cybersecurity is a great way to secure a stable and long-term position. Cybersecurity is ever-changing, requiring professionals to learn new loopholes and tactics to better protect the clients and companies they serve. Working in cybersecurity is a great way to prevent data breaches, hacking attempts, and online theft whether you are working for a major corporation or a new start-up business. Even if you have plenty of experience with computers and the internet but you are unsure of where you should begin with gaining a better understanding of cybersecurity, consider opting for online IT security courses.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming more popular and commonplace than ever. Digital marketing is no longer just for major tech corporations and global brands. Working as a digital marketer provides you with the opportunity to help small businesses and individual professionals who are interested in building their online reputation while maximizing their online reach. As a digital marketer, keeping up with the latest trends in social media while having a thorough understanding of social media marketing and online marketing tools is essential.

Digital marketing positions are available within existing corporations and by working on your own as a freelancer once you have built a solid following and professional online reputation for yourself.

Logistics and Management

Working in logistics is another career option that is viable and likely to last for decades to come. Logistics management professionals are needed for major companies such as Amazon and eBay to help with tracking and order fulfillment. As same-day delivery continues to skyrocket and drones begin delivering packages to customers, logistics management professionals are likely to remain in high demand.

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Freelance and full-time copywriters help craft unique and engaging content for websites and companies alike.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile technology has become increasingly popular with the advent of smartphones and portable electronic devices. Working as a mobile app developer is a surefire way to remain employed while providing you with more freedom and flexibility when choosing new projects to take on.

Developing mobile apps can include working with the backend of applications or working on the UI/UX (user interface/user experience) of individual apps.

Copywriting and Blogging

Freelance and full-time copywriters help craft unique and engaging content for websites and companies alike. Working as a copywriter is a way to expand your writing knowledge and skills while also providing you with more opportunities to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Whether you have a passion for writing about the outdoors or if you enjoy digging into new technologies, positions for online copywriters and bloggers are at an all-time high.

eCommerce Management

Managing eCommerce websites is another way to work remotely or to find a full-time position for long-term employment. The rise of eCommerce shopping has provided an array of positions when it comes to managing online stores and helping to market them for clients. ECommerce management requires an innate understanding of online shopping platforms including Shopify along with third-party solutions such as WooCommerce (in conjunction with WordPress). When managing an eCommerce store, you are responsible for tracking inventory, monitoring analytics, and maintaining the website’s loading and response times.

Web Development and Design

Working as a professional web developer and designer is a way to help working professionals and even large corporations with the development of their online presence and reputation. While basic programming languages such as HTML5 and CSS are essential for web developers, growing languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby are also advisable to maximize your professional appeal to those in need.

With an array of IT careers available, finding employment has never been easier for those who have computer programming and engineering knowledge. Whether you enjoy designing websites from scratch or if you are interested in protecting websites from hacks and data thieves, there are plenty of IT career paths that are likely to only become more popular in the coming decade.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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