Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 challenges: Landing, dancing, timed trials, and more…

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The latest season of Fortnite is well underway and that means the Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 challenges are here. As usual, challenges are split between free for everyone and extra ones for Battle Pass owners. Those who have purchased a Battle Pass will get the free challenges with some bonus challenges for having purchased the Pass.

Week 9 challenges


  • Use a Sneaky Snowman in different matches (3): 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Land at Retail Row (1): 1 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Eliminate opponents at Junk Junction or Retail Row (3) 10 Battle Stars

Use a Sneaky Snowman in different matches

While you will have to do this challenge in different matches, it’s not going to be difficult to complete. Find the Sneaky Snowman item and use it in three different matches.

Stage 1: Land at Retail Row

For this set of challenges, you’ll simply have to time your landings to the following regions:

  • Stage 1: Land at Retail Row
  • Stage 2: Land at Frosty Flights
  • Stage 3: Land at Haunted Hills
  • Stage 4: Land at Shifty Shaft
  • Stage 5: Land at Dusty Divot

Eliminate opponents in Junk Junction or Retail Row

Since many people will be going to these two locations with this being a challenge, it’s best to find a weapon first and eliminate three oppenents.

Battle Pass

  • Pop 20 golden balloons (10): 5 Battle Stars
  • Dance on a Sundial (1): 1 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Shotgun eliminations (3): 10 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Complete timed trials in an X-4 Stormwing plane (2) 10 Battle Stars

Pop 10 golden balloons

Around the entire island are balloons that will need to be popped. For this challenge you’ll need to pop 10 balloons either with your pickaxe or gun.

Stage 1: Dance on a Sundial

  • Stage 1: Dance on Sundail
  • Stage 2: Dance on a oversized coffee cup
  • Stage 3: Dance on a giant metal dog head

Shotgun Eliminations

Considering just about everyone carries around a shotgun in the item slots, getting the challenge completed will be fairly simple. Just get three eliminations with a shotgun and you’re good to go.

Complete timed trials in an X-4 Stormwing plane

There are three different locations to complete this challenge with a Stormwing. Either going to the Hero Mansion, Northeast of Motel, or South of Frost Flights. Once you reach those locations, interact with the stopwatch and go through the trials. You will only need to complete two timed trials, so try to get into a Stormwing before others.

Check back later for the Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 challenges to see what Epic Games has in store for all those who like getting challenges done first and then taking out enemies and claiming victory as the last one standing.

What do you guys and gals think about the Season 7 Week 9 Fortnite challenges? Are they easy enough to get done in a few days of grinding? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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