MeWe social network grew 400% in 2018 with rapid growth predicted for 2019

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The MeWe social network is growing at a good clip. This is according to new data provided by the company through an update to users on its platform. With Google announcing they will start deleting Google+ users accounts and data, many are finally realizing the end is near. The MeWe social network was an early destination for users like myself who saw the writing on the wall early. Now, there are many more trying out the platform as Google pushes them to the doors.

According to MeWe, membership growth for 2018 was up 400% and they are already growing three times as fast in 2019. The company says the network is growing not only in the United States but worldwide. Half of MeWe’s traffic comes from outside the United States, prompting the company to offer ten languages for their service. There are more translations coming in the near future as well.

One positive the MeWe social network has been praised for is its willingness to listen and implement user-submitted ideas for the service. Since Google+ users have been flooding the platform many of those users have been submitting ideas and features they would like. Many of those features were already on Google+.

One major change the platform has made is the ability to post public (within MeWe’s network). Previously you couldn’t see any users content if you weren’t connected. Now, you can see everyone’s content if they share it public which should help people discover users with similar interests.

They have also launched Pages for brands in beta form. Currently, the Pages feature is free, which has caused many bogus brand pages to appear, but it will eventually become a paid service for brands. Techaeris is one of the few official brand pages on MeWe but more will eventually come. The company will also be launching “followers on your profile” in the coming weeks.

“Followers on your profile” – coming in a few weeks! That’s right. We know a lot of you are fed up with Twitter and their strange censorship and algorithms that decide what tweets of your followers to put in your newsfeeds – so in a few weeks you’ll be able to decide if you want to let people follow your profile (which is where your open posts are). You decide – if you want followers, they are separate and distinct from your personal contacts, so you can make a public post that your followers can see – or just keep the lid on and make private posts for your contacts and your groups. This is a very exciting addition, again, because you’ve asked for it.

Mark Weinstein – MeWe
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With the company’s explosive growth, Apple has also noticed them in the app store. The MeWe social network app was pulled last week over some verbiage missed in the TOS by the company. The app has been fixed and should be returning to the App Store today or sometime this week.

Google+ users continue to migrate over to the MeWe social network and that will likely continue all the way up to its April 2nd shutdown date.

What do you think of the MeWe social network? Are you using it? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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