Infographic: Can AI replace your manager?


When you own a small business, it seems there are always menial, repetitive tasks that suck up all of your time, leaving you with little time to actually attend to your core business. Sometimes it is helpful to outsource these tasks to managers, accountants, payroll services, and more.

These days there are tech solutions that can fill in the gaps and take over those repetitive tasks that just seem to take up so much of your time. But in an age where AI has demonstrated inherent bias – turning racist within days of being turned loose on the world – can we really trust AI to help us run our businesses?

In 2018, Amazon had to scrap its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system for screening job applicants after it was found the AI preferred male candidates. After the system was fed 10 years worth of resumes for successful candidates it began to penalize any resume with the word “women” as well as resumes that contained all-women colleagues as references.

There was also the famous case of Microsoft’s Twitter bot that was radicalized within hours of being set loose on the social network in 2016. When bias is not addressed in the programming, it ultimately finds its way into the output of the programming.

That said, there are several different mechanisms that can easily be automated within a small to medium business. Payroll is one of the areas most likely to become automated in the coming years, which can save your business precious time and money.

Managed By Q helps to replace office managers by ordering supplies, monitoring comfort levels in offices, and even helping to hire some staff positions. Project Management CEO helps replace project managers by breaking up large projects into smaller tasks and forming a plan to get them done.

Scheduling, hiring, payroll, and more can all be automated with current technology. Can AI replace your manager?

replace your manager

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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