Master & Dynamic MW07 review: Beautiful true wireless earphones with amazing sound

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The Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones are the company’s entry into true wireless. True wireless earphones have risen in popularity over the past year and continue to gain traction. While there are plenty of haters of true wireless technology, there is an equal number of lovers of true wireless technology.

When true wireless earphones first came out, they were rough. Connectivity issues were rampant and they didn’t last very long on battery. Most of the early versions were from unknown companies trying to make a splash. Most of the more established earphone makers waited until some of the early bugs were worked out. The Master & Dynamic MW07 have benefited from waiting. Read on for the full review of the Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones.


The Master & Dynamic MW07 has the following features and specifications:

  • Drivers: 10mm Beryllium
  • Materials: Acetate body, stainless steel case
  • Connectivity: Between Earphones – NFMI
  • Bluetooth Profile: Bluetooth 4.2 – aptX
  • Connectivity Distance: 20+ meters (65+ feet)
  • Waterproof Level: IPX 4 Splash Proof
  • Battery Life: 3.5 hours
  • Earphone Charge Time: 1.5-hours of playtime after 45-minute charge, full charge after 1.5-hours
  • Charging Case: 3 additional charges, 14-hours total
  • Dimensions: Earphones: 25 x 22.2 x 28.3mm | Case: 64.6 x 26.8 x 45.1mm
  • Weight: Earphones (9G each) Charging Case (76G)
  • Available Colors: grey terrazzo acetate, tortoiseshell acetate, steel blue matte acetate, matte black acetate

What’s In The Box

  • Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones
  • USB Adapter
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Canvas pouch
  • Two pair of fit-wings
  • Five pair of ear tips
  • Quick start guide and documentation
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One of the nicest things about Master & Dynamic has always been their designs. From their earphones to their over the ear headphones, the company takes a special interest in making their products look fantastic.

The MW07’s are no exception. But before we get into the earphones, let’s talk about the charging case. While most true wireless earphones come with charging cases, most do not look as nice as the MW07 charging case.

The case is made of polished stainless steel and is just amazing to look at. It has a nice weight to it and comes with a canvas pouch for protection while traveling. At the rear is the USB-C port for charging. Yes, it comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable. A USB-A adapter is included in case that is what your power source uses.

Along the front of the case are three LEDs. These are your charging and power indicators. The left and right LEDs show how much charge your earphones have. The center LED shows how much charge your case has. Green indicates a full charge, yellow indicates a medium charge, and red indicates a low charge.

Master & Dynamic MW07
LED battery-life indicators.

The case is built well and feels ultra premium. The polished stainless steel does make it a bit slick, and the bottom is prone to scratching, but that is why a canvas carrying pouch is included.

The Master & Dynamic MW07 earphones we received came in the amazing Tortiseshell color. The bronze and gold coloring of the finish gives them an elegant and sophisticated look. The earphones themselves are constructed of high-quality plastics, and the medium ear tips and ear-fins come preinstalled.

There are controls for music playback and phone calls on both earphones. The right earphone has the multi-function button along with an LED light indicating the status. The multi-function button has the following features:

  • Pause/Play
  • Press twice for FFW
  • Press three times for REV
  • Hold to activate voice control

Overall, both the case and the earphones are fantastically well-built and look amazing. These are two of the reasons you’d be paying the asking price for these.

Master & Dynamic MW07
Well-built and they look amazing.

Ease of Use

The Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones are yet another pair of earphones that do not come with an app. I appreciate this very much. While app driven earphones can provide some unique software tweaks, it does add to the setup process.

The MW07’s are dead simple to set up. This is pretty much the same for any Bluetooth device. First, you should plug your earphones in and let them, and the case, fully charge. Once they are charged, just open the case and remove the right earphone. Open your device and look for MW07 and connect. Remove the left earphone and it will auto-connect to the right. That’s it. Your MW07’s will auto-connect to your device next time you take them out of the case.

Overall, the Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones are super simple to use and easy to set up.

image 8961846 13030547
Master & Dynamic MW07
The Master & Dynamic logo is clean and well done.


Master & Dynamic has a reputation of delivering a balanced sound that stays true to what the artist intended you to hear. This has been my experience across the range of their products and it holds true of the Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones.

These earphones deliver a beautifully balanced sound which compliments any genre of music. There really isn’t a favoring to any one frequency here. They all play together in harmony. I’ve said in the past that I do prefer a slight tweak up in the bass frequencies. I still do. The MW07’s deliver a neutral bass response but it works really well here.

That’s not to say there is no bass response here, not at all. There is plenty of bass response, but only what the artist intended there to be. Other earphones tend to overemphasize the bass frequencies, these do not.

Overall, the Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones are very well balanced. The company has held true to their commitment to pure and balanced sound without interfering with what the artist crafted in the first place.

Master & Dynamic MW07
They come with various size fins and tips for the right fit.

Reception/Call Quality

Bluetooth reception is extraordinary at 65 feet from the source, and I found that to be accurate. Of course, walls and other obstacles can become a problem but that’s true of any Bluetooth device.

Call quality was good on my end, callers sounded clear and clean without an issue. On the other hand, callers said that I sounded tinny with a lot of echoing. So that experience wasn’t the greatest. For some that may be a big deal. I don’t use earphones or headphones for calls so it impacts me very little.

Overall, Bluetooth reception is fantastic but call quality isn’t super great.

Battery Life

Master & Dynamic says you should get about 3.5 hours of battery life out of the MW07’s and I found that to be accurate. There were times I got under 3.5 hours and other times slightly over.

Plus you get 3 additional charges from the included charging case and you can charge them for 45 minutes and get 1.5 hours if you’re in a hurry. Overall, these have great battery life for true wireless earphones.

Master & Dynamic MW07
The battery case offers 3 additional full charges, when charged to full.


Master & Dynamic products aren’t cheap and the MW07’s cost US$299. So if you’re looking for a cheap pair of earphones, well, don’t look here. That being said, the company serves customers who are looking for a lifestyle brand that delivers impeccable design, uses premium materials, and delivers amazing balanced audio. The Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones fits that bill.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earphones that scream design, quality, and audiophile and don’t mind paying an entry fee, then the Master & Dynamic MW07 true wireless earphones are for you. These really are fantastic sounding earphones and they look amazing as well.

*We received a sample of the Master & Dynamic MW07 for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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