[Report] Google could be announcing Pixel Watch, new Nest cam, and more this year

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Every year, Google tends to announce something more than just the new Pixel smartphone. Last year, the third generation Chromecast was announced, along with the Google Pixel Slate. This year, according to a report, Google might be announcing the long-awaited Pixel Watch, Pixel 3 Lite, a new Nest cam and more.

Google’s new smartphone will be its first non-premium model aimed at price-sensitive customers and those in emerging markets. It is expected to be priced lower than Apple’s cheapest iPhone, the XR, which starts at $749.


Rumors about a Pixel 3 Lite have been circling the internet for quite some time now. This could well be Google’s answer to Apple’s iPhone XR at a “cheaper” cost. If this pans out, those who have been holding out this long for the Pixel 3 may get their wish granted.

One person with direct knowledge of the matter told Nikkei that Google plans to release a new security camera later this year after it integrated the team from Nest Labs, the tech startup it acquired in 2014. Nest Labs has been building household-use security cameras since 2015.


That’s not all. If all this is true, we could also be seeing a newly updated Google Home smart speaker along with a Pixel Watch Wear OS smartwatch to go up against Apple’s Apple Watch that has been dominating the market for a while.

As we all know, these are rumors and aren’t a for sure thing yet. That being said, Google does tend to come out with a lot of new products each year, so we could see at least one of these make it into consumer’s hands.

What do you think about Google possibly finally coming out with the Pixel Watch, a new Nest security camera, the Pixel 3 Lite, and an updated Google Home speaker? Let us know in the comments below or on TwitterFacebook, or MeWe.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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