Infographic: Don’t let cybercriminals spoil your day


Cybersecurity is a topic that we all know we should look into one day. Well, today is that day. But, instead of making you trawl through an ocean of information on the subject, we’ve got a cool infographic from EveryCloud.

Here you’ll learn some cool facts about cyber-crime and the truth about some of the myths that cybercriminals would love you to believe. Is there a cybercriminal lurking on the net waiting for you to drop your guard? Think bigger – there are thousands of cybercriminals out there. One should consider nowadays running security awareness training for employees.

And, if you think you’re safe because you aren’t a big corporate company, think again. There are many different reasons why a hacker might decide you’re the perfect target. These include:

  • They want to cause chaos: Some hackers get a kick out of ruining your day. These hackers act out of pure spite and just hack your system for the fun of it.
  • They’re in it for the money: We store a lot of information online. If a hacker gains access to your phone or computer, they could possibly gain access to your bank account, bank statements, personal information, etc. This information can be used or sold online.
  • They’ll hold your data hostage: This kind of hacker is in it purely for the money. They install ransomware on your device, and you have to buy the code to have it removed. If you don’t pay the money, you lose access to your data.
  • They want access to it later: This type of hacker is possibly the hardest to deal with. They want you to know you’ve been hacked, and they may lose interest quickly. Some are sneakier. You won’t know they’ve even been there but all the while they are gathering information from your computer.

You can never quite tell what will motivate the next hacker that tries to gain access to your computer or phone. Your best defence is to try and keep them out in the first place. Make yourself as hard a target as possible.

Install a good anti-virus program and keep it up to date. Run scans regularly. Backup your data often. Use strong passwords. There’s no guarantee that this will stop every hacker, but it will stop many of them. Check out the infographic below:


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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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