Infographic: How to take control of your energy bill

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Every year, three in 20 households receives a disconnection notice from their energy provider and one in five must go without other basic necessities just to make energy bill payments. As energy costs are predicted to continue rising through 2020, the financial pressure on individuals leads to pressure on the economy and environment as well.

When faced with unmanageable energy bills, families are forced to make difficult decisions, prioritizing necessary electricity payments over other bills. Yet many households overlook simple and effective ways to save. Long term solutions for sustainable and reliable energy comes from solar panels as systems grow in popularity every year. Keeping your appliances in good shape may prove useful when striving to save money and cut your bills. Likewise, it is not just about the devices but also the light companies that are the most suitable options according to your needs. Thus, these are factors to bear in mind throughout the process.

If every suitable home rooftop in the United States installed solar panels, 75% of all residential energy could come from renewable sources. Surprisingly, almost half of all US solar panel potential is from low to middle-income households, but price remains a barrier for many. In the case of solar panel installation, while environmentally conscious, systems will take around twenty years before they start paying for themselves.

When solar panel systems aren’t an option, smaller changes can be made to lower an energy bill. Many appliances in the home sap energy, even when not in use, this includes plugged in laptop computers, gaming consoles, and unused printers. Take a look at your water heater and consider lowering its temperature; do the same for the thermostat as well, even for just a few hours a day.

Energy efficient light bulbs, though small, pack a punch when it comes to illumination and putting a dent in a high energy bill. All told, even simple a small changes add up and could potentially save hundreds of dollars every year on energy bills while also reducing the environmental impact.

One in three US households struggle to pay their energy bills. If you’re among them, options to lower this cost may be closer at hand than you imagine. Take a look at this infographic for more on how to take control of your energy usage, needs, and most importantly, costs.

energy bill

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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