Denon announces new line of premium headphones


Denon is an audio company that originated out of Japan and who make excellent audio equipment. They’re mostly known for their home audio equipment such as receivers, amplifiers, speakers, and high-end home audio. But Denon also makes headphones and they have a new premium line of headphones they announced yesterday.

The Denon AH-GC30, AH-GC25NC, and the AHGC25W are priced starting at US$249 to US$399. I would classify these as premium in the normal consumer market. Meaning, most non-audiophile users are likely topping out at US$400 when considering “premium” headphones. Of course, there are far more expensive headphones but those are directed to a different market.

Denon says the AH-GC30 are acoustically tuned by Denon’s sound master and it uses 40mm “FreeEdge” performance-tuned and Hi-Res certified drivers. These drivers are normally used in Denon’s flagship and higher-end models. This driver technology uses floating diaphragms to reduce resonance and ensure precise “pistonic motion.” The company says this results in more accurate bass response and a wider soundstage. Together, these features give the headphones a natural tonal balance free from exaggeration and delivering an immersive experience.

Both wireless models—the AH-GC30 and AH-GC25W—employ aptX HD Bluetooth technology, making high-resolution music accessible from compatible devices. Listeners can also enjoy direct USB connectivity if they’d rather go wired.

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Today’s listeners want the flexibility of really fantastic noise-cancelling headphones without sacrificing sound quality they expect from Denon. To deliver that premium experience, the new GC series models were tuned by Denon’s dedicated sound master and use some of our most advanced audio and noise-cancelling technologies to provide an amazing listening experience regardless of where you are or the application.

Michael Greco – senior global brand director at Sound United

Denon is using their own proprietary active noise cancelling system which uses dual microphones on each earcup and three noise cancelling modes designed for air travel, commuting, and the office. Like many other companies, Denon is also including an “Ambient” mode allowing you to hear ambient sound through the music.

The AH-GC30 is priced at US$399 (available in March), the AH-GC25NC (available in April) is priced at US$299 and the AH-GC25W (available in May) is US$249. As I said, these aren’t the most expensive headphones out there but they’re certainly on the high end of the basic consumer market. Be sure to check out Denon’s website if you’re looking to buy these.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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