The Kiwano KO1+ is a crazy self-balancing scooter you can buy now


We love crazy gadgets and toys around here and when we first saw the Kiwano KO1+ we thought you’d be interested as well. The Kiwano KO1+ is a crazy self-balancing scooter that can go up to 12mph. This isn’t the company’s first scooter, but rather an upgrade to the Kiwano KO1.

The new generation KO1+ offers riders increased range, stability, and a smoother ride which the company says enhances the user experience. The KO1+ can reach speeds of up to 12mph and can climb inclines of 30 percent. The crazy scooter can also drive through sand, grass, and other tough terrain that other scooters can’t get through.

The self-balancing Kiwano KO1+ is controlled through the rider’s movements with technology the company calls “Auto Deck Smart Control System.” Riders simply step on the scooter, tilt it forward to launch, and proceed to control it with forward and backward body movements. Smooth acceleration and braking, as well as robust shock suspension, add to the scooter’s steadiness. The all-new Turn & Go system allows riders to make quick and safe turns in new directions for easier handling.

The companion app adds another layer of personalization for a custom riding experience unlike other electric rideables. Users can select their desired launch position and switch between Novice/Pro modes depending on your skill set for a more comfortable ride. Using the wireless feature, the scooter can be controlled with the touch of a button for hands-free repositioning. The app also acts as a digital key for an added level of security.

Kiwano Press Release

The Kiwano KO1+ is crafted from carbon fiber, flexi poly-carbonate, and zinc alloy, all of which sound durable. The foot pegs are anti-slip and the handles are ergonomic.

The KO1+ is now available for purchase online at Kiwano’s official online store as well as through various retailers ( for $1299 plus free shipping. Riders can also choose the urban (road) or sport (all-terrain) tires depending on intended use as well as additional accessories like the GoPro mount, additional charger, and a Kiwano helmet.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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