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One of the best things about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is that its rich content still manages to bring new blood (pun intended) to the now six-year-old game. Among them is the Blessed Treasury, where players will have to take on the powerfully primal Susano.

Here’s how you can take on his domain and ultimately take down this powerful boss.

Before and During the Beginning

The eight-man raid instance follows conventional party makeup of 4 DPS, 4 tanks, and 4 healers. As for the required level, it’s at level 63 and the synced level is at 64. This means you can enter even if you haven’t hit the cap yet, but it’s always more advisable to hit the level cap first before trying this out. If you have enough FFXIV Gil to buy quality crafted gear, you definitely should.

Susano has 3 phases.

For Phase 1, here are Susano’s moves:

  • Assail – an un-telegraphed anti-tank attack.
  • Yato No Kagami – Susano puts a red mark on a player who is then knocked away.
  • Brightstorm – an attack that always follows Yato No Kagami, it targets the player marked by the Yato no Kagami with a stack mechanic. The player affected must then get back to the group.
  • RaisenKaikyo – random players are targeted with large AOEs. Deals much damage and lowers lightning resistance upon hit.
  • Yasanaki no Magatama – Susano summons a Dark Cloud. More Dark Clouds are summoned as the fight continues. These clouds use a spell called The Parting Clouds, which targets one player with multiple line AOEs that span the entire arena, dealing heavy damage and paralysis.
  • Seasplitter – Susano will say “The seas part for we alone!” This will cause an AOE attack that will affect almost the entire arena except for a small line between Susano and the target of Yato No Kagami.
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Entering the Second Phase

In Phase 2, Susano will be getting new moves, namely Sheer Force, which deals moderate damage a few times, and Ame-no-Murakumo. For the latter, Susano will summon a sword of the same name, which also uses the namesake technique. The off-tank must then activate the Blade’s Shadow to get the clashing buff and enter an Active Time Maneuver. By spamming the Duty Action button, the tank can keep the blade at bay. Susano will use this move thrice.

Aside from that, there will be Dark Levins in the arena. These mobs will use the skill Shock, which causes them to move closer to the center. As they do, they’ll deal damage to players colliding with them. It’s then up to the rest of the party to take them out.

Into the Last Part

The last Ame-no-Murakumo will be an unblockable attack that will kill players that fail to dodge. This will signal the beginning of Phase 3. During this part, Stormsplitter replaces Assail as the anti-tank attack. The new Susano gains two new moves.

The first one is the Hidden Gate–a player gets trapped inside a rock called Ama-ho-Iwata. Two other rock formations will also be summoned, and it’s then up to the party to destroy the right one. To tell which rock has encased the player, check the aggro list, as it’s either the one above Susano or at the very bottom of it. Make sure to destroy the Ama-ho-Iwata as fast as possible, as it casts Sealed Gate, which will eventually kill the trapped player. The second move he gains is Ukehi, which deals AoE damage throughout the arena.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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