MapleStory 2 gearing guide: How to gear up fast for hard dungeons

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Reaching level 50 and having a high gear score can oftentimes prove to be a difficult feat in MapleStory 2. This proves particularly true when you want to go into hard dungeons immediately. As such, players need to be reminded that patience is indeed a virtue.

Hard dungeons take more time than normal ones, requires certain party setups, and doesn’t have unlimited respawns. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and have a bad time when entering one head on right after hitting that required gear score. Luckily, we’re here to guide you and help you gear up quickly so you can face more exciting bosses!

Finish the Story

Whether or not you’re trying to avoid it, finishing the story is the easiest way to reach level 50 and attain a sizeable gear score—and ultimately enable you to enter hard dungeons. The gear you’ll be getting throughout these quests will carry you through the game up to level 50, after which you’ll need to prepare for grinding in the normal dungeons. You can do some exploration quests and side quests as well, but those often take a lot more time to complete.

Know the Difference Between Normal Dungeons and Hard Dungeons

The normal dungeons are mostly going to drop blue items in every single run, and finishing the dungeon guarantees you a weapon as well as a piece of armor. You’ll also be getting fragments that can be used to craft jewels and accessories. Each normal dungeon is going to have different fragment drops as well.

Hard dungeons give you epic gear every single run but a lot of them are going to be character-bound items, meaning you can’t transfer the items you’ve collected to your other characters in the game! This can make trying to get rich by selling gear quite the difficult feat. Compared to normal dungeons, you’re going to start getting much better gear pieces that you’re going to replace the blue gear you’ve been using in the normal dungeons with.

MapleStory 2

After reaching Gear Score 2100, you’re pretty much done with gearing.

Attain a Gear Score of 2100

After reaching a Gear Score of 2100, you’re pretty much set to party up with your stronger friends and go on subsequent raids through harder dungeons. The most-recommended thing to do in order to boost your Gear Score is to get yourself an Epic weapon.

You can get Epic items in the normal dungeons; however, do note that Epic Gear in a normal dungeon can be so hard. You won’t get to see them very often! Fortunately, Epic weapons are tradable, so you can attempt to buy them at the Black Market. Do note that they fetch hefty prices so you’ll need tons of MapleStory 2 Mesos to spare. When you finally get one, it should boost your Gear Score even higher than 2100 which will allow you to enter hard dungeons. You can also buy cheaper epic gear, and then enchant your blue equipment to reach a GS of 2100 just barely.

After reaching Gear Score 2100, you’re pretty much done with gearing. Some people, though, have started aiming for 3000+ Gear Score which is insane, to say the least! That feat is best reserved for the most hardcore grinders so don’t expect to be getting a 3000 Gear Score anytime soon. Only a few players have thus far managed to reach that number.

Get a Combat Pet

There are a variety of Pets in MapleStory 2, and you use and tame them through pet taming. Having a pet by your side is crucial since you get about one-third of your pet’s combat power and they have their own set of additional properties. However, you can’t have a pet straight away! You must be at least level 50 or higher if you want to use pets and tame them. Currently, pets come in normal, rare, exceptional, and epic grades. Depending on the rarity, your pet will receive various talents and level up accordingly.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and you’ll soon be on the fast track to becoming an expert level dungeon master. Happy crawling!

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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