MP Magic Socks review: Affordable, odorless socks you can wear for days

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From time to time, we review items that stretch the boundaries of the definition of technology. On that note, every so often, something comes through our email that piques are interest more than most. Our MP Magic Socks review takes a look at some socks which claim to allow you to wear them for up to six days while remaining odorless. Read on to see how these socks stand up (hopefully not literally) after multiple days of wearing.


The MP Magic Socks have the following features and specifications:

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-skidding & durable
  • Lycra elastic cuff, soft & comfortable
  • Repeated washing without deformation
  • Mesh structure for enhancing air flow and permeability
  • Odorless
  • Magic-Premium (coming soon) also feature:
    • 24-hour comfort
    • Japanese Fabrics
    • Italian Knitting Machine
    • Fast Moisture Wicking
    • Cushioning For Protection
    • Customized Left & Right

What’s in the box

  • MP Magic Socks
Features of MP Magic Socks.
Features of MP Magic Socks.


We were sent three pairs of MP Magic Socks to test out: the Classic MP Crew, Ankle Sports Socks, and their new Magic-Premium socks. At a glance, the socks look like normal socks, with a bit of a premium feel to them. They don’t feel cheap at all.

MP Magic Socks (ankle, premium, classic crew L-R).

The Classic MP Crew were black with mottled grey toes and heals. The MP logo is in blue halfway up the sock, just above your ankle. The top of the sock has a nice Lycra elastic cuff which keeps your socks pulled up all day. One of my pet peeves with socks is when they start to slouch down as the day progresses but that was not an issue at all with these.

The Ankle Sports Socks, on the other hand are slightly thicker. Our sample were grey with yellow and white accents. The toe, ankle, and cuffs are black and MP MAGIC is written just above the toes in black inside a yellow rectangle. The top side of the sock has more of a mesh-like finish for better airflow. The cuff is slightly thicker around the back side, something I haven’t seen in ankle socks before. I rather like it though as it not only gives you a piece to pull up your socks but acts as extra padding against the top of the back of your shoe to prevent rubbing.

Finally, the Magic-Premium socks are slightly thicker than the Classic Crew. They have slightly more padding in the heel, mesh ventilation along the top, and moisture streamlines down the side. Our sample was a darker grey with light blue toes. In addition, the Magic-Premium socks are more formed to right and left feet and have an R or L in a blue circle to indicate which foot they go on. Again, a Lycra elastic cuff helps keep the socks up and in place throughout the day. Even though they are a bit thicker, when worn they don’t feel overly thick and, in fact, my feet felt somewhat cooler, especially when worn without shoes.

The upcoming Magic-Premium socks offer even more quality.
The upcoming Magic-Premium socks offer even more quality.

All three sample pairs were very comfortable with the Classic Crew and Magic-Premium being nice and light for all day use. The Ankle Sport Socks were just as comfortable and the extra padding was definitely nice while wearing running shoes or just putzing around the house.

While our samples came in the colours described above, there are many options on the website including various print designs. The Magic-Premium are not yet available but will be hitting Indiegogo soon. On that note, they do feel slightly more comfortable and definitely even higher quality than the Classic Crew, which already are decent quality.


The company lays out the need for odorless socks quite well:

Do we really need odorless socks? Yes, of course! Life often includes various situations in which shoes need to be removed; whether you’re being scanned at an airport, getting comfortable on a long-haul flight, entering a religious house of worship or visiting a local friend in their home, custom and procedure allow plenty of opportunities for the embarrassment of foot odor to rear its ripe head.

Of course, the big question is: do these socks really remain odorless after wearing them for six days straight? We got really scientific with testing the smell factor on these socks: the human nose! It took a lot of convincing to get the kids to take a whiff of dad’s socks but in the end, they caved.

To test out the socks, I wore the Classic MP Crew for four days straight while working. That means for about 9 1/2 hours a day, they were stuffed inside a pair of relatively broken in shoes. For the fifth day, I wore a pair of my regular socks (we’ll call it Sock B). After coming home from work on the fifth day, and after much convincing, the smell test was underway.

Starting off with my son, Sock B smelled “not bad” — but then again, he is a boy. My daughter, on the other hand, gave a resounding “gross, those stink!” She also over exaggerates at times as well. When smelling the MP Magic Socks, my son’s response was “I can’t smell anything” while my daughter gave a “those smell better than your other ones!”

Of course, I smelled them both as well and to my scientifically tuned nose, Sock B did smell slightly more worn than the four-day worn Magic Socks. I also wore the Magic Socks to a buddy’s house on the third night and I asked if he noticed any odd odours. With a puzzled “nope,” I explained why I asked and the responds was “definitely no smelly socks odour!”

As for the Sport Socks, I wore those for about a week, 6 hours a day and 14 on the weekends. After the week, they too smelled fairly fresh.

So just how do they work? As the company explains:

These socks are made from a unique fabric that uses three metals: silver, copper and zinc. This combination of metals provides greater antibacterial protection than any single metal alone.

While we’re not scientists or up on how exactly they work, the combination of metals the company puts in their socks definitely works. In addition, after multiple washes, the socks still look like new and I have no doubt they’ll last for months to come when worn regularly.


Specialty socks can be quite expensive compared to your typical athletic or dress socks, depending where you buy them. When I first read about these socks with their odorless technology, I expected them to run upwards of US$20/pair. However, these “magic” socks — and they truly are magic — start at only $9.90/pair. In addition, you can purchase 6-packs from the company’s website for under $50 which brings the price per pair down slightly.

On that note, for that price, even if you opt not to wear them for multiple days in a row, the comfort, quality, and, of course, odorless nature of the socks definitely makes them worth buying.

Once the MP Magic-Premium hit Indiegogo, they will be available for the super early bird discount of $29, so they will be more expensive than the currently available offerings. On that note, the Price/Value score for this section doesn’t include that pricing as they are not yet available and no ETA is available at this point in time.


Let’s face it, no one wears the same pair of socks for a week straight. That being said, there are times where you might find your socks a tad stinky after even a single day’s use. MP Magic Socks help you avoid the embarrassment of stinky feet with odorless, affordable, comfortable, and durable socks. Worth the cost, they easily earn a Top Pick of 2019 Award here at Techaeris.

*We were sent samples of the MP Magic Socks for the purposes of this review. In some of our articles and especially in our reviews, you will find Amazon or other affiliate links. Running a website does take money, along with time. Any purchases you make through these links often result in a small amount being earned for the site and/or our writers.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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