nreal and Netease AR showcased augmented reality game YuME at GDC 2019


While virtual reality seems to be the next big thing in gaming, augmented reality and mixed reality gaming are also gaining ground. With the popularity of mobile augmented reality games like Pokémon GO, gaming is quickly expanding outside the traditional bounds of your desktop or laptop computer.

nreal, developer of sunglass-style mixed reality glasses, showcased their nreal light glasses with Netease AR’s augmented reality game YuME at GDC 2019 this week.

“Through our rich content ecosystem, NetEase AR can enable high-quality AR content we are excited to reach mass users through nreal light’s mixed reality glasses,”

NetEase AR

nreal light uses USB Type-C to tether to 5G smartphones using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform to enable mixed reality and augmented reality applications and gaming. The MR glasses featured 1080p HD display, 52° Field of View, and 6DoF (Six Degress of Freedom) tracking. The glasses even come with interchangeable prescription lenses, foldable temples, and nosepads.

The nreal light mixed reality glasses tether to a 5G smartphone via USB-C.
The nreal light mixed reality glasses tether to a 5G smartphone via USB-C.

At GDC 2019, YuME was showcased on the nreal light while tethered to an Snapdragon 855 powered mobile device. The purpose of the demo was to show developers options for developing casual AR, MR, and even VR games using nreal light.

“We’re excited to encourage developers who are not only building mixed reality experiences, but also looking to build and distribute a game on a hybrid platform like nreal light. In cooperating with Qualcomm Technologies and NetEase AR, we’re moving another step toward a future where 5G is prevalent and the next generation mobile computing platform isn’t just your standalone smartphone, but also includes a pair of mixed reality glasses like nreal light.”

Chi Xu, Founder and CEO of nreal

It’s definitely an exciting time to be a gamer with announcements like Google’s Stadia cloud game streaming service and seeing the advancements on MR/AR gaming by companies like nreal. Who knows, perhaps soon we could be playing AR games on our smartphones via Stadia.

What do you think about nreal light and augmented reality games? Do you prefer VR, MR, AR, or traditional gaming? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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