Tivoo-Max Bluetooth speaker features programmable LED panel


If you’ve been following Techaeris for any amount of time, you know that we review our fair share of Bluetooth speakers. On that note, we’re always on the lookout for something a little different and the Tivoo-Max Bluetooth speaker by Divoom looks to fit the bill.

Currently on Indiegogo, the Tivoo-Max features a 256 programmable LED panel capable of creating 16 million colors. The LED panel can be used to display artwork, videos, clocks and more. Not only that, the Tivoo-Max can be used to display social media notifications, weather reports, smart alarms, sleep aids, calendars, and more.

Using the latest DSP technology, the Tivoo-Max features 20W stereo speakers with a 20W active subwoofer. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, it also has AUX and SD card ports. The feature that’s sure to be the main attraction, however, is its 256 programmable LED panel. Using the Divoom Smart App, users can control the speaker as well as choose from pre-designed graphics, and even create or upload their own.

Features include:

  1. 40W Bluetooth Premium Portable Speaker
  2. 16×16 App-enabled LED Panel
  3. Divoom Pixel Art Gallery & Community
  4. Smart Alarm & Sleep Aid
  5. Social Media Notifications
  6. Daily Activity Planner
  7. Calendar 8. Weather Report
  8. Scoreboard
  9. Voice Messenger
  10. …& more!

With over a month left in its fixed goal campaign, Divoom is hoping to raise US$25,000. They do have a bit to go as they are just over $2,300 at the time this post was written. With shipping being targeted for June 2019, the Tivoo-Max can be purchased for as low as $99, a savings of 34%. After the initial super early bird perks are gone, that price goes up to $139.

As with any crowdfunding campaign, there is a risk supporting them. We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on Indiegogo campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

What do you think about the Tivoo-Max Bluetooth speaker? Does it look like something you’d back? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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