Cable TV alternatives: How to watch TV without cable

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33 million people are expected to say goodbye to their cable TV box once and for all. People are tired of paying for hidden fees and channels they never watched.

But that doesn’t mean people are missing out on their favorite TV shows. On the contrary, they’re just changing how they watch TV.

Keep reading to learn how you can watch TV without cable TV and save a ton of money in the process with these cable TV alternatives.

Watch TV Without Cable TV Through a Digital Antenna

The most straightforward way to watch live TV without cable is through the use of a digital antenna. These devices hook up to the back of your TV via a coaxial cable and allow you to pick up nearby broadcast signals.

This has become an increasingly popular option in the last few years due to the low cost of entry. After paying between US$20 and US$50 for an antenna, the only thing you have to do is hook it up to your television and scan for signals.

And aside from the cost of the antenna itself, there are no fees, making it a great, low-cost alternative to cable.

Of course, this strategy does come with its share of setbacks. You’ll only be able to pick up local channels, for one thing, so don’t expect access to channels like Comedy Central or HBO.

In addition, digital antennas can be a pain during turbulent weather. On windy or rainy days, you may lose signal or need to adjust the antenna to pick up local channels.

Cable TV alternatives

Sling TV was the first major OTT streaming service, paving the way for the streaming wars we see today.

Cable Alternatives

If you can’t live with your cable channels, there’s still a way to watch your favorite shows while cutting the cord.

These awesome cable TV alternatives come with most of the same channels you used to get through cable, but cost a fraction of the price and allow you to cancel anytime.

Here’s what you need to know.

Sling TV

Sling TV was the first major OTT streaming service, paving the way for the streaming wars we see today.

Sling is a great option for those who only want a few channels. The base package comes with over 30 channels for about US$25. Channel options include Comedy Central, Viceland, Cartoon Network, CNN, and more.

If you’re looking for a good DVR, though, look elsewhere. Sling’s DVR service costs US$5 extra and only includes limited storage space for your programs.

PlayStation Vue

If we had to pick a favorite streaming service, we’d have to pick PlayStation Vue. Its UI is fantastic and simple, the DVR is seamless, and the channel lineup is great.

But there’s one big caveat: The price.

Vue packages start at $45, and Sony has a bad history of raising the price of its services. Don’t be surprised if another price hike occurs later this year making this choice harder to swallow.


For the sports nuts in your household, FuboTV is the perfect streaming package.

Eight channels of Bein Sports, all Fox Sports channels, NBA TV, The Big Ten Network, and Fox Soccer Plus? You’re gonna need multiple screens to catch all of your favorite games.

You can get better IPTV deals through European providers, but for those who don’t want to bother setting up a VPN, Fubo is the best way to watch sports.


Philo actually predates Sling, but its availability was limited to the campus of Harvard. Fortunately, Philo’s investors saw how much money they could make with the service and expanded Philo’s reach last year.

By far, the best thing about Philo is its price. Subscribers can choose between two packages, one for $16 and one for $20. No extra fees, add-ons, or hidden surprises.

How nice is that?

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Cut the Cord: Watch TV Without Cable TV

Now, it’s easier than ever to watch TV without cable. So ditch the dish and cut the cord for good. These cable alternatives can help you save money while allowing you to catch up on all of your favorite shows.

Don’t forget, there are new options coming out all the time, so check back in with us often. For now, you can read up on Apple’s foray into streaming, Apple TV+.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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