Seismic Powered Clothing one of over 100 wearable tech innovations showing at MSI Chicago

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MSI (Museum of Science and Industry) Chicago is running a new wearable technology exhibit (Wired to Wear) in April. The exhibit will feature over 100 innovations including Seismic Powered Clothing.

Seismic Powered Clothing is a lightweight alternative exoskeleton providing extra strength for standing and sitting to help reduce injury and preserve mobility. The technology has been in development for a while now but it is looking more promising. Check out the video below:

Seismic Powered Clothing isn’t the only innovative product being shown at Wired to Wear. Among some of the other interesting innovations are:

  • SpiderSense Vest: Created by Chicago-based entrepreneur Victor Mateevitsi, Ph.D., and built by technological futurist firm Quantum XPR, guests will put on a vest that provides haptic feedback as they navigate through an obstacle.
  • Iridescence: Created by renowned designer and technologist Behnaz Farahi, this collar’s quills use hundreds of actuators and vision-activated technology to follow your gaze and react with life-like behavior. For example, when an angry face is detected, the collar expresses anxiety with fast jittery movements.
  • Smart Tattoo: Placed on mannequin arms, the conductive tattoos, designed by Microsoft, turn the body into an interface. Guests will be able to swipe the tattoo to create notes on an instrument, and even control lighting.
  • Infinite Flow: Created as a collaborative interactive installation between Jacquard by Google team and Japanese creative firm WOW, guests direct Google Jacquard fabric using the interactive cloth as an interface to control a series of fans and lights that allow it to float gracefully.
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“Wearable technology has been steadily gaining momentum for years and is on the cusp of taking hold in mainstream society. We believe this is the absolute right time to show people the innovation underway and help our guests understand why their closet will look radically different in only a few years,” said David Mosena, president and chief executive officer, MSI. “We are thrilled to open Wired to Wear and are confident that the experience will redefine how people think about wearable technology and what it can become.”

Wired to Wear will bring some of the most cutting-edge innovation to our community and drive more exploration of STEM career opportunities,” said Daniela O’Leary-Gill, Executive Vice President and U.S. Chief Operating Officer, BMO Financial Corp. and MSI board member. “BMO embraces the spirit of innovation and proudly champions MSI’s quest to educate and inspire people of all ages.”

Wired to Wear features items from brands, designers, engineers and artists across 15 countries, bringing the world’s most innovative technologies to MSI, including

What do you think of Seismic Powered Clothing and of Wired to Wear at MSI? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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