The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Dashboard Mount now available for pre-order

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Now that a lot of smartphones have wireless charging capability you may be searching for a wireless dashboard mount. There are plenty of options already on the market but iOttie is hoping you’ll choose their offering, the iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Dashboard Mount.

The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless offers up the versatility of wireless charging and the convenience of a quick and easy mounting system for your vehicle. The iOttie iTap2 Wireless comes in three different configurations, all at the same price but for different applications.

wireless dashboard mount
CD mount
  • iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Dashboard Mount | US$54.95 | The iTap 2 Wireless is a sleek and powerful magnetic dashboard mount that wirelessly charges smartphones with a simple tap. Install iTap 2 Wireless on any smooth or textured dashboard surface for safe viewing angles and maximum convenience.
  • iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount | US$54.95 | The iTap 2 Wireless Air Vent Mount is a compact and powerful wireless charging magnetic mount that secures and charges smartphones with a simple tap. The design of the Metal Plate allows for a strong magnetic connection and an optimal wireless charge. Featuring two powerful rare-earth magnets, the mount holds your phone with minimal effort while driving.
  • iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging CD Slot Mount | $54.95 | PThe iTap 2 Wireless CD Slot Mount features two powerful rare-earth magnets that work with a Metal Plate system to hold smartphones securely in various road conditions. Install iTap 2 Wireless into your car’s CD Slot for a safe viewing angle and maximum convenience.
wireless dashboard mount
Vent mount

These new smartphone car mounts provide drivers with the most convenient mounting experience yet. With strong magnets in each device and Qi wireless charging power, drivers can simply mount and charge their smartphone with one simple tap. Products in the iTap 2 Wireless series affix to any car’s dashboard, air vent, or CD slot, so drivers can adhere to increasingly common hands-free driving regulations.

iOttie Press Release

The series is now available for pre-order on where customers can save 15% on the device when they enter the promo code “iOttie15” through April 19.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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