Marshall expands its portable Bluetooth speaker offerings


As a guitar player, I am intimately familiar with the Marshall brand name. The company has been making amazing amps and cabinets for years. Chances are you’ve heard their sound somewhere on some album. Recently, the company jumped into the world of the Bluetooth speaker and they are now expanding that category with two new speakers and an upgrade.

Marshall has been rocking the world since 1962, giving artists the ability to rattle audiences with amazing sound. The company’s expansion into the consumer Bluetooth market just seems like a natural continuation of the brands story. Each one of these speakers delivers 20-hours of battery life and gives you a Bluetooth distance of 30-feet.

Because of the company’s history with rock and roll the Bluetooth range is modeled after its amps and cabs. The speakers also feature analog control knobs like what you would find on actual amps used on stage. The handles are even made from guitar straps! Here’s the rundown of the company’s new offerings and updated speaker:


Travels light yet sounds heavy. Stockwell II comes in black or grey.

Bluetooth speaker
Stockwell II

Built for life on the road, this compact portable speaker offers Bluetooth 5.0. Despite its pint-sized frame, Stockwell II offers a multi-directional sound that’s brilliantly powerful and clear. Its roadworthy construction with a silicon exterior and IPX4 water-resistant rating make it extremely rugged and durable. Stockwell II has a power bank feature to charge your devices while you’re on the road, as well as quick charging capabilities. Twenty minutes gives you 6 hours of portable playtime. Bring it with you wherever the long road leads.

Updated – KILBURN II

Is a stout-hearted hero. Kilburn II is available in a new grey colorway.

Kilburn II

Get on the road with Kilburn II. Free from the confines of wires and cords, this stout-hearted hero offers a larger than life multi-directional sound. Its durable water-resistant design (IPX2) makes it supremely rugged and durable. Charge Kilburn II in a flash. Twenty minutes gives you 3 hours of portable playtime. Kilburn II is able to withstand even the longest days on the road.


Is the king of the road. Tufton is available in black.

Marshall Tufton

Bring the show on the road with Tufton, the mightiest portable speaker from Marshall and one of the largest portable speakers on the CE market. This commanding speaker offers Bluetooth 5.0 and utilizes Blumlein Stereo Sound construction for a multi-directional experience that will immerse you in your music, indoors or out. It has an IPX2 rating and flush mounted corner caps to make it rugged and roadworthy. Charge Tufton in a flash. Twenty minutes gives you 4 hours of portable playtime. Tufton is a behemoth of sound able to entertain your entire home or the entire park.

The Stockwell II, Kilburn II and Tufton are available for US$249, US$299 and US$399, respectively. For more information on the new portable range, visit the Marshall Headphones website.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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