Here’s how the Internet of Things will impact digital marketing


Every imaginable process around us these days are governed by devices. A fully functional day without devices and their interconnections seems unbelievable. What is regarded as the next curve in industrial revolution is just around the corner.

It is estimated that 125 billion devices, commonly referred to as things, will be connected to the Internet of Things or IoT by the year 2030. Such a technological upgrade is huge. In order to tap to the beats of this, multinational companies would have to thoroughly comprehend IoT.

Digital marketing is what would see some of the biggest changes, with the influx of Internet of Things. After all, everything digital would be impacted when every device out there is connected. In order to give you a better picture of this, here are some changes digital marketing strategies will experience with Internet of Things.

Changes Digital Marketing Will See with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things
Internet of Things will change the way you shop, you buy things, the way you order goods online, basically everything.

1. On-demand services will turn common

When constant connectivity becomes common, it will give rise to a specific group of users.

These users will devour instant gratification and would want to access information at any time of the day. What was simple now will get even simpler in the future. Not like you asked for it, but that’s revolutionary nonetheless.

Say, for example, you order groceries now, as per your convenience. With the Internet of Things, your refrigerator would be connected to your Smartphone and would order the groceries as soon as it notices that something is missing.

Internet of Things will change the way you shop, you buy things, the way you order goods online, basically everything.

Companies worldwide have caught a scent of this, and are therefore coming up with appliances that at IoT compliant.

2. Ultra personalisation

Everyone enjoys a personal online space. With the Internet of Things, you can amp up the personalisation of your space online.

One of the things people are looking out for is something that does not have them look out for things. Simply put, they don’t want to spend time searching for things online.

The Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to be viewing this convenience as a general way of life. Where they would not be looking things up, but instead would be served with information right when they even think of it.

With such a plethora of devices interconnected, pulling up user profiles and setting preferences to conjure up the information a user wants would not be all that difficult for the Internet of Things.

Services like Netflix would benefit from this, as they would be able to provide super specific recommendations, thereby improving their viewership.

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3. Real time interaction with audiences

Recently, Netflix original Black Mirror: Bandersnatch made waves for being one of the first interactive shows.

This is where the audience were presented with options, and the storyline of the show changed as per the choices the audience makes.

Now imagine its implications across various online applications. Imagine being conflicted over two products, not knowing which one to choose, and a virtual figure helps you make the choice.

That being said, you would not even have to wait for information to load anymore. With so much data generated every second, offering real-time updates regarding shipping or tracking your product delivery would be more accurate.

4. Ad automation

Already there has been so much ad personalisation that audiences sometimes feel low-key intimidated or even creeped out.

“How did they know this?” is a common statement to hear when a certain ad appears right after you viewed the same product on a different page.

The ads you come across now on would be even more streamlined and targeted towards you.

PPC which is Pay per Click would change in the wake of Internet of Things, and that’s why many businesses chose to hire a PPC agency.

There would be less manual controlling done behind this, and more of it would be taken over by Artificial Intelligence, which would be greatly powered by IoT.

Digital marketing strategy, as we know of it, would also change under the influence of a network so immensely interconnected.

5. Voice search would take over

Gone would be the days where you would be typing in a query. If you are found doing that, you would be termed “old school”

With the Internet of Things and the vast interconnectedness it brings, voice commands would suffice to yield you the result you are looking for.

Humanoids, on the other hand, are also on the verge of existence. Some of the first commercially successful AI devices, Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon stand proof that AI-run devices are not too far in the future.

More than half the things under the precedence of a digital marketer would be automated with the influx of the Internet of Things.

6. With digital marketing changing, digital marketers would change too

The role IoT would play in changing digital marketing extends to those involved in the industry too.

The way digital marketers process and adapt to insights and information would increasingly witness a frameshift.

More than half the things under the precedence of a digital marketer would be automated with the influx of the Internet of Things.

Traditional Digital marketers starting a marketing agency would then have to come up with new ideas and strategies to use IoT to their benefit, lest they end up losing their profile (basically, their job) to an artificial system.

7. Customer insights get really personal

Imagine a system that’s recording every choice, every shopping pattern, every curve you turn on the internet. A system that starts anticipating what your next move is going to be.

When such a system, which is the IoT, getting you specific recommendations only you would choose would not be too difficult to fetch.

Say, for example, you are the only one in your family who has lactose intolerance. With advanced IoT in the gameplay, you would be receiving notifications and ad alerts about products that help you alternate milk.

It is a system that observes your patterns, accumulates context, and only then delivers the pitch for a product. Digital marketing, therefore, would be touching whole new heights.

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Summing it up

Humanity is on the cusp of a revolutionary age of digitisation. Everything mentioned in a sci-fi novel is about to manifest itself into existence.

Flying cars and colonising different planets may still be a far-fetched idea, but the best thing we have coming our way right now is a densely interconnected web, called the Internet of Things.

And it is surely going to be a definite game-changer. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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