Infographic: 6 FinTech trends for 2019 and beyond


The days when you need to make an appearance at a financial institution just so you can complete a transaction are almost a thing of the past. This is true for bank withdrawals, loan approvals, and even bills payments. Back then, you had to present a passbook to either make a deposit or withdraw money from your bank account. Loan approvals required filled-out forms, printed documents, and credit investigations. When making payments, you still had to show up and get a receipt.

All these inconveniences are slowly becoming less of a need thanks to wonderful advancements in technology. The financial sector is shaping up to becoming an arena for faster, more secure, and more accurate transactions. New doors are being opened with a wide array of services introduced by FinTech companies, revolutionizing how money is being handled, which is the major reason why they are growing at a rapid rate.

With the introduction of online banking, transactions can now be done remotely through your smartphone with just a few taps of your screen. Loans are also processed using the same tech. Different industries are slowly embracing cryptocurrency with innovative blockchain solutions that improve processes by leaps and bounds.

FinTech companies are making massive waves due to these tech advancements. This comes as no surprise since any financial solution introduced to the public benefits both consumers and their country’s economic growth. Crucial time is saved in executing transactions while making it a lot more secure. Indeed, the convenience that these new services bring is just phenomenal. And by the way, things are moving along, the future of finance is bright.

These tech upgrades in the finance industry are just the beginning. Pretty soon, there will be more high-tech solutions that will make transactions easier. If you want to find out what’s in store for the finance sector, here are FinTech trends that you should keep an eye on.


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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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