Six industries with the best online learning options in 2019


The internet opened a new world of online learning opportunities by giving people resources for growing their knowledge anywhere that has an internet connection.

You may have also heard online learning called e-learning. Here are six industries that have exceptional access to online learning resources.

Note that the education sector is not part of the list because it seems redundant based on the topic at large. Nonetheless, it’s increasingly common for educators to keep their knowledge current by going online.

Here are six other sectors embracing e-learning:

1. Health Care

Doctors and other licensed health care professionals have to enroll in a minimum amount of continuing medical education (CME) annually to remain compliant.

Although they can do in-person CME courses, many of them find that online possibilities are better-suited to their busy schedules. myCME is an example of a site that offers CME credits for courses about topics like treatments for invasive fungal infections or advancements in pediatric nutrition.

Also, the American Heart Association offers e-learning courses for people who need to get certified in emergency resuscitation, first aid and more. In that case, there is still an in-person component where people go to local providers to get their skills competencies checked, but they can get the bulk of the training finished online.

2. Retail

The rise of online shopping arguably makes it exceptionally important for retailers that have brick-and-mortar stores to train employees in the best practices for customer engagement and ensure that they stay abreast about the latest products.

During the most recent preparations for Black Friday, Walmart even had its workers go through virtual reality (VR) training to get them ready for the crowds.

Retail Training Solutions offers solutions for sales floor team members and managers. It has courses about greeting customers and building rapport with them, hiring and onboarding retail team members and more. And, since the courses only last 15-30 minutes, they’re intended for people taking short breaks during their shifts.

E-learning can also be beneficial when people need to sell regulated products. In the United Kingdom, people who sell tobacco can take a self-paced online course for a half hour. There are different versions of the course to accommodate for the different tobacco-selling laws in England, Wales and Scotland.

3. Real Estate

Real estate professionals need to stay abreast of customer preferences, changes in local markets and other specifics to remain competitive in the sector.

E-learning gives them excellent opportunities to remain educated without taking the time out of their schedules to drive to a training schedule or find a class that happens outside their work hours.

VRM University — or VRMU — offers a range of options such as continuing education for more than 40 states and courses that help participants get ready for licensing exams. Users can also view transcripts of their completed and in-progress courses, which could come in handy when applying for jobs in the real estate sector.

4. Religious Ministry

Even though religious leaders and church administrators may want to focus solely on converting people and guiding them through rituals such as baptism, the reality is that they have to run their organizations like businesses.

Also, Gallup found a 20% decline in church attendance over the past two decades. So, in addition to handling things like finances and staffing needs, many churches feel the need to increase their outreach efforts.

E-learning also helps Christians get ready for the mission field. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons, is one organization using e-learning to equip its missionaries.

There’s also The Church Network, which offers a broad assortment of e-learning courses for church leaders.

Both mission work and managing a church can have challenges, and e-learning helps people get ready for them.

For example, The Church Network introduces topics that pastors undoubtedly did not learn during their time at a seminary, such as creating a privacy policy and dealing with fraud.

5. Big Data

The data scientist role is among the most in-demand positions, and that’s partially because company executives increasingly realize that they possess valuable data that could help them make business decisions. Big data platforms help them reach conclusions from vast quantities of information.

Data science is a relatively new but fast-paced sector, and both of those things make it well-suited to online learning.

The big data courses at edX help people go through the content at a speed that suits them, giving access to knowledge that could make them more marketable to current or potential employers. There are also exceptionally specific big data courses from edX, such as one about biomedical big data.

6. Financial Services

From compliance to anti-money laundering technology, financial services professionals must stay current on the topics that matter to their industries.

Online learning allows them to do that without potentially taking time off to attend in-person training that happens during the business hours at their organizations. KESDEE publishes more than 1,500 courses relevant to the financial services industry.

You can buy them as “libraries,” which are several courses sold as a package. That format makes it simple for people to pick the topics that are most interesting to them or necessary for the kind of work they do and not have to purchase the courses individually.

Online learning is gaining momentum

Managers from a variety of industries recognize that knowledge is a crucial element that helps their team members and organizations thrive. And, it’s not always feasible to send people to off-site locations for training.

Online learning brings convenience to participants and company executives while providing them with up-to-date materials.

The six industries mentioned here are some of the sectors leading the way, but you’ll likely find that e-learning gets even more popular overall within the coming years.

Regardless of your industry, e-learning is a widely available option to boost what you know.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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